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New guy with old truck


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Hi guys, I have only just signed up but have used this forum a lot when searching for answers. I'm from Australia, or down under as some like to call it. I came from a world of Cab over kenworths, c-15, isx, roads speed sensors and air bags. It's refreshing to sit in an old mack with no bullshit attached.

While I have you here, I'm in the market for a new turbo on my e6 350 4v. Have noticed holset do a hx50 for the mack e6 and it has a waste gate. Now I'm no mechanic, and nor do I pretend to be... But my current turbo has no waste gate (that I can see anyway). Just wondering if there is any advantage to this? Also does anyone know of any problems running this turbo on this engine?

http://www.myholsetturbo.com/holsethx50.html here is the link if you need info on it.

Thanks in advance, Tim

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