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Little mention is found of B-63s. Is this because of the relatively low production, about 2000, and short span, 1954-58? What was special about them?

For a little while in the mid-1950s I worked for Cooney Brothers out of Tarrytown, NY. The "new" fleet was B63s--dumps, mixers, and tractors as I recall. Us juniors and temporaries got the handful of old A, LF, and LJ models. As I remember, B-63s were heavy-duty versions of the popular B-61 and different enough to have the separate designation.

Even though the B-63s were nice and fairly new, "my" old, beat LF Mack-Lanova was slightly faster

(about 52 to 48 mph) and would pull a grade loaded a little better. Everything was seriously overloaded and I quickly learned not to pass a senior driver! Do I correctly remember triple frames on some of these trucks?

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talked to an old guy at a local bar that said he drove a B63 tractor back in the day. said it would do 75 miles an hour and had a turbo 673 and a quad with power steering. dunno if its true or not. said after he got moved to another truck some young gun got it and it got away from him and he wrecked it. this truck was out of upstate Ny also. cant remember who he said he worked for tho


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I have heard this a long time ago, B 60 series trucks, 2 axle gasoline power B 60 after 1959 all gas 2 & 3 axles were B60's, all diesels 2 & 3 axles were B61's

before 1959 2 axle diesel power B 61

3 axle gasoline power B 62

3 axle diesel power B 63

I have two B 63 parts trucks consecutive serial numbers. and knew of a B62 locally.


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From what I've seen,the B63's were usually a little heavier spec than a B61.Most I've ever seen were either dumps,lowboy tractors,or set up with oilfield winchbeds.Mine has44k rears,and a duplex with factory 3 speed Brownie.

My Dad bought three identical B63's in 1955 for his excavating company in the Bronx. Ran them hard for ten years without ant problems (very little hiway use) but great for pulling a heavy load out of 8-10 excavation sites, later swithched to B81's.

Mike P.

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