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Air ride or Spring?

Air ride Vs. Spring?  

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  1. 1. Air ride or Spring?

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The best rideing truck i ever drove had springs and a airride cab with a 215 ince wheel base and a national seat, nice ride, one of the roughest rideing trucks i ever drove was a air trac peterbilt with 44,000 rears and about a 195 ince wheel base. i thank a longer wheel base will ride better than a short one any day. But when you load it tall and heavy, air ride may make you sea sick on these rough old county roads around hear, nothing stands up like a good set of walking beams or anti sway camel backs

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I'm like a lot of blokes here... It's horses for courses. Air ride is good for hwy, lower tare weight, comfort, supposed to be road friendly, and you can tell exactly how much weight you have on. All that means nothing if you have to dig yourself out of a bog every few hours. My old mack has camelback and she'll be staying that way!

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For the work we do, Camelback is the way to go, mostly in town low bed and dump trailer work. Typical shitty New England job sites that bury and eat most trucks alive. The over the road trucks that travel the country are air ride, but they never leave the black top.

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IMHO, truck suspension serves only one purpose; keep the frigging wheels on the ground. Air may ride nice, but the load equalization is just too damn slow. More than enough time to lift a wheel/axle and screw yourself anywhere but the highway.

my 2011 GU triaxle has Hendrickson haulmaxx rubber blocks, and for demo and construction, it's perfect. Rides a bit hard bare rail, but even with high and heavy 50yd cans on, stable as can be in the corners. Empty, well, she might as well be a race car....:) only ever got stuck once, and that was operator error.

Our 88 rd has walking beams and mack top loads, so I assume it's a mack suspension system. Despite no up and down movement other than the rubber bushings between the pivot mounts and the frame, that old dog rides better than mine. Only driven it a few times, and rode with Nick and few times, but empty it puts the new dog to shame....

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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