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Any Case Guys out there


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masseys are an ok tractor we had a 1080, i say that because a restored a 135 for a friend, turned out great. However i never want to rebuild a perkins diesel again, the timing gears only line up every 10 revoultions i think tryed to forget lol to check its in turn the engine 20 times or so, ill stick to the cases farmalls and jds

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Sorry that I dont have any such photos, but my dad had Case backhoe tractors since 1971 when he bought a new 580 with a gas engine and no cab. It replaced an 880 Oliver industrial loader tractor (with no hoe) that he had used to load gravel and install culverts in small township roads. Since that first 580, he had a 580B, 580C, 580K, 580 Super K, 580 Super L and now a 580 Super M (if I recall correctly). I remember back in 1982 when the local dealer had him try out a new 580D silver anniversary edition model. It was painted silver with a black cab. Looked great until the silver paint got scraped off of the bucket and one could see yellow primer. :)

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I have a Case 1939 modelSC that is in need of rebuild. Bought it twenty years ago with good intentions. It is finished in early rust with traces of orange paint. Very complete and rebuildable except for one nut and a fender. The fenders were accessories so not so important. it starts on gas and you switch over to kero when warmed up. back then gas was fifteen cents a gallon and kerosene was six cents. I have realized as I approach my 73d birthday that if I finish my 1919 Mack AC I have succeeded so I doubt that I will ever get to the Case so you Case lovers out there now have a chance at it. I am willing to sell or trade. Hard part is getting it out of Arizona to wherever. If you are like me and really want it you will fetch it from where it sets. I can get it to the Dallas area at no cost or any where along the way(I-10 to I-20 corridor). If any interest e-mail me at redingtonranch@vtc.net.

Also have a rough mid fifties LTLSW with an excellent cab and a few single stack sit down sleepers for a Mack.

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My dad & granddad (aka pop) ran 970,1070, 1175,1370,1570, 2390,& 2590 Case tractors , IH 66 ,06,26 & 56 series farm tractors on the farm through the years & we had a 480 Case Backhoe & A 850E & 850G Case dozers & a 1155E Case Loader through the years in the excavating business .

So ya im a Case man there is a couple of pics of me when I was 2 0r 3 on a 1070 Case w/pop & another pic of me bout the same age in the operators seat in front of the "case controls" of our 480 Case backhoe @ the time. if I had a scanner id scan em & post em .

Tho we had Cat loaders ,dozers & excavators I really got my experience operating the 850's & 1155 w/ that damn box tween my legs to steer the crawler with ;) they anit to bad once ya got used to it plus a case crawler had an ACCELERATOR INSTED OF DECELERATOR . ;)

Nice pics there yall .

Later yall


You Cant Fix Stupid. But You Can Numb It With A Sledgehammer. :loldude:

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