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11.22 11.24 what do i switch to

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I know this was most likely asked a 100 times but I can't find a clear answer.

My b81 has 11.24 in the front and 11.22 in the back I was told everything now is 11.24.5

Or 11.22.5 . I want to keep the spokes and would like to run 24 inch rubber all around. What

Did some of you other guys do ,what rim size do I need and where's the best place to buy new

Rims, and if anyone could tell me if theres a reson why my truck has 24s up front and 22s out

back and if it would be dumb to keep it that way.

Thanks Rudy

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Anmother place to check for used 24.5 Dayton type ( spoke) rims are some trucking companys who are phasing out their older trailers with spoke wheels and replacing them with hub piloted Budd (disc) wheels.

I got 10 22.5 rims for FREE that way from the company I worked for.



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