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Don't they have kibbles and bits where you come from?

I mean, varmints like possums, groundhogs, or wallabys are one thing, but a bunny?..and you gobbled that thing up like you hadn't eaten for a month!

Come on, you should be ashamed!

Dozer, shoot me an e-mail to drphil@dooshbag.com and i'll see if I can get you on the show and get you the help you need. We can beat this!

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I got a compliment on how well he listens to me today. Stopped at my usual morning fuel stop & there was another driver with a dog on a leash in Dozer's usual grassy area....so I told him "no" and then said "over there" and pointed to a different grassy area and he stopped, turned around, and went where I told him to go. I told the guy if he didn't listen to me as well as he does, I wouldn't be able to turn him loose like that. Works out, though, because it saves time. He can take care of his business while I'm busy fueling the truck.

2 nights ago, I nuked some hot dogs for dinner...saved the last little bite of each one for him on a paper plate. I set the plate down on the floor, but didn't make any motions or anything to let him know it was for him. He got up, walked over to me, sat down, and laid his head on my lap as if to say "can I PLEASE have those hot dog bits?" It wasn't until I pushed the plate over to him and told him "OK" that he dug in.

I swear he's the best damn dog a guy could ask for. He knows what's expected of him & he's well aware of who's the "alpha" in this house.

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When approaching a 4-way stop, the vehicle with the biggest tires has the right of way!
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