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U models in Right hand drive Countries?

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I will say none to Australia.

The U model was, I think a Hwy truck and not at all able to be converted to RHD. However there were quite a few DM800's, again not engineered for RHD. These DM's were used for exploration work in remote country, or for work in civil construction and mining. Later Mack produced the R800, which was essentially a DM800 with a centrally mounted cab, like an R600. This chassis could be built in RHD and many were built here for exploration, off highway dump trucks, mining semi trailer and road train, and on highway heavy haulage.

I did once see what I thought was a DM600, in the late 80's. It was a concrete agitator, it was white, and had a 'Mack Western' style grill.

A U model is really an R model with an offset cab. The only similarity with a DM is the offset cab.

I think a DM600 is a continuation of the B57 and B576 construction range of trucks of the mid 60's.

An R800 is essentially a DM800 with a centrally mounted cab.

R model and U model, use the same chassis.

B57 and DM600 use the same chassis rails

DM800 and R800 use the same chassis.

Can anybody say what chassis rails a C600 uses?

Does it have it's own chassis rails or does it use F, H, B or R chassis rails?

Does an H model and a B model share the same chassis rails

I think the C600 chassis has some similarities with the R model chassis and maybe suspension like a DM600.


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