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One For Olivetroad and Ben...

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This was Olive's first log truck. He was too young to drive it, that's why he's in the passenger seat. In fact, it's the first tree he ever cut down.

But he made enough money with it to buy a brand new International tandem log truck,with a loader. He could even afford more chains by now so he didn't need to have a helper to stand in front of the logs to hold them back if he had to slam on the brakes like he did with the old truck. It took a while to get used to the loader though, as the old knuckle booms had about 50 or 60 levers on them. His family was growing by this time too- he had to add an "s" to his door.


As time passed, he didn't even need a knuckleboom anymore- all his sons loaded the logs by hand. These are all his sons in the picture, L. to R.- Herman, Andrew, Bart,George,Homer,Mitch,Garfield,Randolph,Simon- eh, never mind...He'd moved up to another new IH tractor and a log trailer by now.


He later downsized his logging operation, went back to a straight truck, and got into the cattle binness...the boys all liked eating beef way better than trees- but just look at him running that knucleboom now!

...but someday he hopes to have a red truck, like this one.

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Okay, I was going to wait until it got here, but the thing I want to do with the B model I bought from Jocko is this:


I have a single axle fifth wheel pole trailer that has good modern 22.5 wheels and air brakes but it still looks simple and old and I want to find the biggest log I can and mount it on the trailer and pull it with the B model for my son's boy scout troop.

The biggest log I have here is 5 1/2 feet across, but I hope to find a bigger one. Like a 8 footer or so. Hard to do around here unless you go with cottonwood and that will just smell like ^%$# the whole time and no one will want to ride on it..

Hey Bob Dingsdale - you want to haul a REAL big tree down to me?

If I sneak out to the redwoods in a national park and cut me down a bigun, does anyone want to help me do it around midnight sometime?

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