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Spring hanger bolt removal

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So I scored some old stainless quarter fenders and the post mounts to go right on the spring hanger bolts. (Remove factory bolt and replace with longer bolt too give enough thread to bite on to after mount posts are slipped on). Ive removed the nut with ease off of the bolt that Im looking to replace, now I want to get that bolt out of the frame and hanger ( that Im pretty sure hasn't been touched since '63). Its a 15/16th headed bolt. I've got a 3/4 inch drive Snap-On brand impact on this thing backed by an uncorked 80 gallon Snap-On compressor and this f**kin thing is laughing at me going "that tickles that tickles.......but Im still not comin out". Anybody know how to man handle something like this and get it out clean without breaking out a torch?


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It has to be driven out, 2# hammer or big air hammer with blunt point.


Thanks for that input Fifth wheel I've been so tempted too just grab my weapon of choice and start going to town. "They dont call me Big Hammer for nothin" but I really didnt want to mushroom this damn thing and get it wedged, then I'll really be kicking myself. I've got a good Snap-On air hammer...after what I just saw I have my doubts.... but im gonna have to give it a shot I guess.

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You're not dealing with strength related forgings there. If you don't want to heat the suspension hanger, I'd warm the bolt itself with a torch, allow it to cool, heat it again, allow to cool a second time and then drive it out. Water in a spray bottle with a concentrated spray will cause the bolt to shrink quickly.


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yeah what rob said or id just heat around the cast hanger and drive the bolt out with a punch. might have to go to Mack and get the ''shoulder bolt'' or body mount bolt as they are called. Mack used them on most suspension hangers and motor mounts after around 58 or so. you dont want to just stick a regular 5/8 th bolt back in there as the body mount bolts are made to center the component in the hole i believe. Matt


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