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Wood chip hydraulic dump ramp, when it works,when it breaks

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Here is a link on a chip dump ramp at a paper mill going through it's cycle, it has been sped up so it's not boring.

Here is a recent picture from a mill in Maine that had a slight hydraulic problem. It let go when it reached the top. The front axle went up through the engine, the bumper and the moose bumper just blew off,the doors peeled off, the tires blew out,glass broke, but not the windshield (strange),the trailer broke in two, it was pretty much scrap metal when it was over. I got the picture over a cell phone so it's not so good, but you can enlarge it a little.


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We used to haul soybeans to a ADM plant that used one - it was nice as you could buy an old cheap truck and haul more grain without the weight of the hoist/hydraulics.

We had an old tandem IHC grain truck with a gas engine that would never restart for a while after it was lowered back down. You had to be sure it was second in line with our other truck so that you could hook a tow strap real quick and drag it away. A lot of folks left trucks running while they went for their little ride, but that just seemed wrong with the oil sump sitting the wrong way.

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Frito Lay has them for dumping loads of potatos. Always wondered if the engine was still running if it would be starved for oil?

Pillsbury Mills in Springfield, IL had one and it worked well. You could not stay in the truck, and the engine had to be shut down. The truck driver was also responsible for any oil spillage due to leaking seals.


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Local landfill has one, but the trailer is seperated from the truck. Only about 6-7 inches, just enough to clear the fifth wheel/pin.

A section comes up and hits the landing gear

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