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Saw this cool old truck today


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I was running around today and saw this cool old truck on my way up to our plant. I made time to stop long enough for a quick pic with my phone. What is it? There was also what looked like a White/GMC COE sitting across the highway from it surrounded by some old IH's and possibly one more truck like in the pic shown here.post-8681-0-09086800-1328839762_thumb.jp

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Yup,fifties DC-series Autocar for sure.......................................Mark

I Agree w/ Mark a 50's DC Acar for sure my great uncle had a 65' DC Acar looked similar to this one.

An W.M.C. (notice i didnt say volvo) Autocar is like a :mack1: To me ive had the fever since i was a kid. esp if the Autocar has a Cummins in it.


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Looks like one of those oil field trucks? A-Car used that grill well into the 60's, there was a guy back in the late 60's by the name of Albert Scalatti from Pomton Lakes NJ that had about 50 of those A-Cars with HRF- 195 Cummins engines in them, he also ran those gas job Ford tandems I think they were 477's & 534's motors. The funny thing about the Fords was that in the winter the guys used to turn the tail pipes up towards the body to heat the bottom so the dirt wouldn't freeze!


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