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The B is for sale, and it's in really nice shape. The headliner is still in it and looks like new. The cab is solid. I lifted the floor mat and the floor is in great shape. The u model was a line truck out of Atlanta and used for local P and D The owner added the dump body to use in keeping the yard graveled, and is in very good condition. My blue collar backround attracts me to working trucks like the U model, and as many of them as were around at one time, I wonder where they've all gone. I'd love to add one to my collection at some point. But honestly, once I saw the 55 H model, I didn't hear all the details of the other trucks. The experience of buying the other two made me focus on the more important details of this truck. The fuel tanks have no dents. There is only superficial surface rust, nearly unheard of on an H model.The fenders are straight and the truck doesn't appear to have ever been wrecked. It was a Georgia owner operator truck who had a mail contract. The motor is bad but the H67 in the other photo has a good 673. I will gather my thoughts and get information on what else is for sale. Both MH cabovers are E-9s, but the owner has a soft spot for the black one with the red stripes, they both run and drive.Priority now is where to hide the H till I can come up with a good reason why i need another one.....like that matters. But ,you all know where I'm coming from. And thanks for all the help in figuring out the photo downloading process.

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My parents had one of these MH's in this color...check for a Georgia bulldog edition tag on the dash

There was spread in Owner/operator magazine in 1983 or 84,,with the Georgia bulldog cheerleaders

hanging all over it (those days are long gone)

Specs were


E9 400



level 4 interior (red)


Thanks for hearing me out.

You can have the soap box now---------JIM

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