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2007 Granite CTP 713 MP7 Actuator for Turbo


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The codes in the dash of my truck point to a problem with the actuator for the turbo. I have some troubleshooting to do to check the wiring, but I was told that on the 07 MP7 motors most of the time the trouble is with the actuator on the turbo and if thats the case I should change the complete turbo because it would not be far from letting go. Anybody got some advice or experience with this problem.

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Been there done that.. Mine coded as turbo actuator failure... Mack (Charlotte) told me about $4K to $5K... Said they come as a pair.. I Took it off rebuilt turbo alone and put it back on to no change.... Bought actuator put it on had Mack sync them..... Ran great.... fix about $950 for actuator.... $1500 total fix.... That was April 2011.................

Dec 28th 2011..... Blew turbo again.. Slopped up outercooler with filings and oil.. Towed to private shop and bought from Hickory NC MACK turbo/actuator kit today (Dec 30th)..

(GREAT PEOPLE in TRANS-South MACK store. Helpful -honest- straight talking and as compassionate as can be to assist.... Wish I never darkened the door in CHARLOTTE... Had a bad experience every time I was there and perma-raped in the process.. Until meeting folks in Hickory was wishing i never had heard of a Mack.. Now see the "relationship" a dealer/service dept can be.....and for the first time have confidence in MACK people).

Back to story.... Got cooler back from radiator shop this evening but the shop I took my truck to found a split exhaust pipe we had to order for Tues delivery, then they will finish putting together and change oil/air filter put her back to work. About $4.5K est at this point but I am accepting it as a "truck thing".

Charlotte was trying to sell the turbo with the actuator the first time in April.... I still think that was wrong but it may not have been. After the turbo rebuild the actuator by itself fixed the problem. But the short life of April to Dec could have been net of mismatch, bad rebuild, improper reinstall or chyt happens..... I really do not know. Good luck on your fix and a great New year to you.

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When we have actuator codes, we pull the actuator and have a guage to check the stroke of the turbo vanes. About half the the time the turbo vanes wont go the full stroke ( open to close) and this will cause a actuator code, the only fix is a complete turbo/actuator package. I had one a few weeks ago and the turbo stroke showed good and the actuator showed bad. So I put a actuator on and it made it about 50 miles and the turbo blew apart. Its a crap-shoot with these things.

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Been dealing with similar actuator problems on my VW Dieselcar- did a write up on it yesterday at www.gearheadgrrrl.com . After sitting in a humid garage for the month of June, the actuator rusted shut and the computer put the engine into "limp mode". Got the actuator unstuck with lots of penetrating oil, now when I put my foot into it too hard (foot to the floor at 70 MPH while towing a trailer uphill) the actuator sticks wide open and the computer puts the engine back in "limp mode". Time for more penetrating oil...

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