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Please don't think I am a goof. I drove truck many years ago and have just requalified because I want to go back into that business. I have landed an excellent opportunity driving for a tanker company. Tomorrow I have a road test with this firm on a Mack 10 pulling 150,000 pounds of resin. I do not know this transmission, I don't know the pattern or any of the switches. Is it an air split? Do I split each gear?

Does anyone have the patience to help me? If you can or if I can call one of you I would be very appreciative as I really want this opportunity!!


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Sorry I can't do you any good on this subject;I'll be "learnin' by doin'" when I go to retrieve the '45 EH :mack1: I bought. I'll drive my little flatbed Chevy one ton down (about 320 miles each way),spend about a week working on the truck to make it roadworthy,hook my little truck up behind the Mack on a tow bar,and learn its Mack 5 & 3 speed Brown-Lipe on the way home. (That oughta be an "adventure"!):D

Hope all works out well for you! Sounds like the proverbial trial by fire. Hopefully they'll cut you some slack for not being familiar with that particular truck. Just remind them you have the basic skills already aand will pick this up as you go,and it'll probably start making sense as you learn what works or doesn't. Maybe you'll have the pattern plates on the dash ot above the windshield so you can see where to start.

Good luck with your new job! :thumb:



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Hopefully, like Speed mentioned, the tag will still be on the dash with shift pattern. The "tester" should give you some slack if you mention you've never driven this tranny before. Don't grind all the teeth off and you'll be okay!



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