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Anyone know where to get a ch grill emblem?

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I have a 2001 Ch and my old broke up grill has MACK real big across the middle. I bought the newer year model grill with the horizontal lines and its supposed to have a small mack emblem that fits over one of the bars in the grill in the lower drivers side corner of the grill. well I found a truck with that grill and got the last six of the vin and the mack dealer found what was supposed to be the part number, ( 20917691 ) but they cant find any way to order it for me. If you buy the grill it doesnt come with the emblem. I know they have to be out there somewhere to fix a new truck in a wreck / bodyshop situation to put everything back factory. If anyone can shed light on this, maybe a different part number, or if you have a new or used emblem you would sell I would greatly appreciate it. I attached a picture of the grill Im talking about. Thanks!


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I just bought a grill from my local Mack dealer, R &R Mack in Youngstown, OH for my 2000 CH613 and it has MACK in the center of the grill. The grill is plastic and MACK is molded into the plastic.




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are you talking about a grill like the one in this picture? If so, thats the grill I had orginally and its all one piece but I'm looking for the emblem that goes on the style grill in my first post up top of this thread. I tried that JP Chrome. They have some nice looking stuff for macks on there but didnt see the emblem I'm looking for. Maybe someone out there has a broke grill laying around that they will sell me the emblem off of, Hopefully!!


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I think its just the grille emblem, the door emblems are not chrome they are a brushed look and the one in the grille fits around the grille bar. I put the Elite grille, the one with no emblems like you have just bought on my old 93 CH it looks great but I went old school and got a hood side emblem, the one that had the old Mack script on the side of the hood on R's and DM's and mounted it in the lower corner like the new grilles it looks sweet and its not just ilike every other new mack. I say try something different you might come up with the next big thing, I swapped the grille bars around and added more to my Granite grilles and now 4 or 5 other trucks here have done the same thing, of course now two companies make custom grilles for the granite. Go check out my pics and you will see what can be done with factory parts to create a custom look. (shameless plug to check out my stuff)

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