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Red Dot on D8


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I think a '74 model.

You can do a hell of a lot of work with a tractor like that. Is that a straight blade, or semi "U" shape? How bout the ripper, single, or three teeth? I think the cab is a later "add on" and I'd place it in the late 1980's to mid 1990's. I've dug out a lot of stumps with a D5B that looked just about like that but a bit smaller using the "tilt", and ripper.


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Rob, I believe it's a u shaped blade and I know it is a single ripper. I never have run it, just the loader but the dozer sure looks like fun! The guy who owns it and runs the pit I haul out of also owns a machine shop and he built the cab himself. He left the ROPs on and built the cab under it. Really nice job. For the longest time I assumed it was factory until I found out he had built it. Really talented and nice guy. Wish he would get on here because he has a really nice B model, '57 model I think. He has a long history with it he's told me about and he repainted it red and built a stainless visor for it that looks really nice. He's also got a '47 Dodge 2-ton truck he restored and built a nice flatbed for and put a welder on it. A lot of cool stuff. Trey

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Here ya go Randy! Trey

Man,,,That makes me slobber Trey! Hes got that all put together nice! I have run a lot of older tractors like that in early years in coal mine. They will do a lot of work, the downside is, they keep you plenty busy in cab making them do all that work. Kinda like keeping a kid busy, you gotta stay busy just to keep them busy,,,LOL,,,randyp

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