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Tool Question


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I know there is a tool to turn the flywheel for adjusting clutch or valve adj.

What is it actually called and where to buy?

Losing my helper in October and will need this to adjust clutch. Also be a tool for him when done.

tia, Ed

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Many moons ago in the Mideveil Days we use to use a dang big screwdriver prised against the bellhousing. By looking at my fathers old toolbox, from when he was a diesel mechanic, I don't see how he got by on so few of tools back in the late 40's and early 50's.

mike :bulldog3:

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rhasler-thanks for the part #. Is this the proper one for an eaton trans?

$70+-must have gold inside

Kent-Moore thinks it does, that's really relatively cheap compared to some of their tools. The barring socket fits the E7, E-Tech, and ASET engine flywheel housings, probably the E7G natural gas engine too, and can be used on some of the Caterpillar engines also. This should be what you need for your engine.

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