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Set Back Axle F700?

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I saw this posted on hanks site by a fellow in Israel. I don't ever recall there being a set back axle F700 then again I have seen an SBA MH in Australia. Oh and the headlights are in the bumper because of Israeli law to keep the light from blinding other vehicles.


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IIRC, towards the end of the F models production in the U.S. Mack announced the availability of a set back front axle option and a high roof double bunk sleeper option too. I remember one U.S. trucking magazine tested the set back axle F, but I've never seen one on the highway. I have seen pictures of them in Europe- perhaps they were all exported? As for the MH with set back front axle, the british "Truck" magazine had a photo of one parked at the Macungie plant, but I've never seen one on the road either.

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The Set-back axle F was tested but was never released in the States. There is a photo of a white FM in the rear of the Mack Trucks Photo Album by Warth. There is also a photo of a White FM with blue stripes that was painted by an aquaintance when they were being tested. It was pictured in a book somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it right now. It is an extremely nice looking truck, I'd take one!


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