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Air Cleaner Connector

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The Air cleaner connector that comes out of the side of the cowl (B-model) is some sort of composite /plastic/rubber which after 54 years is brittle. I broke off about a 1" chunk of it and was thinking this has to be a common problem. This part is also a tough one to get out so if I found one in good shape in a junk yard, I would not want to spend a lot of time trying to salvage it.

Anyone have any good suggestions for a good "bridge" to connect from the air cleaner to what is left of the factory piece coming out of the cowl?

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I like your idea better!

Hi Bobby,......hope all is well with you. I bet your truck looks much better than before the corruption began. I've been there, done that. My new garage is my Man Cave......ya know what I mean. The g/f saturday night on the phone,wanted to know if I took a shower that day. I will uphold any of my comments on here. Anyways, we are still friends. :wacko:


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Guys, thx for your comments. I put the air cleaner back on today andI've got about a 3/4" triangle opening. In the short term I'm going to use some Gorilla Tape to cover it but I think the solution is (as was suggested) to take the air cleaner off and then fiberglass a band around the housing

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