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Teflon King Pen Adapters

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I did buy the Teflon king pen adapter for the trailer when I hook the old truck to it. I didn't want to use grease. Can anyone explain what side of the ring I need to put on the trailer side? One side of the ring is more shiny than the other. Does the shiny side face down where the 5th wheel would touch it? Or does the flat side touch the 5th wheel? Also how does the metal ring that comes with it work? I haven't tried to put it on yet , maybe its self explanatory. Thank you

God i hope this made sense.

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the ones I have seen and used were just made to use on both sides. they will both make contact with steel and see the same abuse. If the ring you speak of is what I think it is.... its to keep the plate stuck to the kingpin when you unhook. its kindof like a locking tab that holds onto the pin. I had one on the work truck and liked it. less grease on the tandems and frame. down fall was when someone hooked up to my trailer and got is all messy again!

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I read you should and shouldnt.

I always ran a plastic disc with my camper. I did grease the king pin itself because it does pull and twist in the fith wheel jaws. I did not grease the platter on either the camper, or fifth wheel side.


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