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Mack Roadtrain Tanker


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Wow...Four trailers! How many trailers can they haul on a public road down under?

They have a 173.8 ft (53m) limit down there. Gross weights I think can go as high as 200 Imperial tons! Off highway road trains used in mining get much bigger, heavier and longer!

That combination is called an AB train as it has a B train and then an A train behind it (not always in that order). I think there is over 33,000 gallons in those trailers! There is also the 2AB train that has 2 B trains with a dolly linking them.

You guys are gonna hate this pic of a 2AB setup :pat: :

Thy only run Volvos :( .


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When I worked on the mines we used to have a Shell Mack triple turn up about once a week to unload. I used to walk passed it on my way from my truck to the crib hut. We also had the AB combos hauling ore from our ROM pad to the mill. They were totally cool and all tri-drives.

I'm pretty used to doubles, triples etc but I still love seeing them. We live in the eastern half of Perth, Western Australila and we have a ring road nearby and a couple of transport depots. Triples are not allowed south of Wubin (that's about 3 hours north) and doubles only run from near us if they're heading north. Anything heading east has to pick up its second trailer at Northam (about an hour east).

I'll try to get some shots of road trains in my travels if anyone's interested.



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Probably easy to spec one of those out;"Gimme the biggest truck,the most power,the most gears,the heaviest GVW,the most fuel capacity,whatever it is-if there's more,I want it...Hell,just max it out across the board!!"


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