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Series Parallel Switch Rebuildable?

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Does any body out there know if parts are available to rebuild a series parallel switch? Mine is in a 1966 C-95 fire engine. It has three black sections with battery size connections on the first and third sections. The coil portion seems to work fine but the contact points are shot. I have tracked down a new one to the tune of $164.00, but the guy that sells it said they used to rebuild them ( not much demand anymore, I guess). I am going to check with a starter/alternator shop in my area on tuesday. Just curious if anyone new of a place to purchase rebuild parts.



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Watts Mack Sales on this site sells them. As stated, most people will go 12 volt and do away with the old setup. If you go to the web-site of oldmacksrus.com you can find a wiring diagram if you follow the link. It shows the 24 volt setup for your application if you choose to stay with what you have.

Good Luck


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There was two styles of S/P switches and have not seen one like you have in years. This is used i think only by mack and it is the one which has the magnectic switch built in the switch and does not use a senold on the starter. Later years they went to the smaller switch which used a senoild on top of the starter.It only had two section in the s/p switch.You switch is call a s/p switch magnectic combination.

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glenn akers

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