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Air Cleaner Extension Tube

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does anyone know where i can get a chrome extension tube for the air cleaner on my B61? my air cleaner has the ''top hat'' style bonnet instead of the round ''bowl'' style that Barry sells. I like the looks of the tophate syle better but when you open the door with the vent window open, the window hits the air cleaner top. id like to put an extension on it but cannot find one. Tidewater mack use to sell them years ago but havent seen one lately and Barry doesnt have one in the B model store. thanks, matt


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Have you tried Kevin All with allmacks.com? He has helped many of us with our projects and has many B model parts. They are very kind and helpful. Off hand I don't have their phone number handy but you can go to the web-site and retrieve it.


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I got mine from Matt Pfahl. There's a link to him on this site. I think it was $75 to my door, came with chrome tube and top hat. I used my stock hat as it was the larger design and like it better then the smaller one that came with tube.


Ya, my hat had a dent in it from the vent window being open and hitting when you swing the door open.



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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