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Ain't A Mack, But I Like It!


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Found this on one of my wonders on the highways and by-ways of Wyoming.

It's an old Dodge COE.

Title is good (I think)!!

We'll see!

Deal is in the works.

Just haven't come up with the right trade stuff yet!!


post-64-059239200 1276833943_thumb.jpg

post-64-091144100 1276834015_thumb.jpg

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Keep a clutchin'

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Found this on the net.

Might be I've found another one!!


Packer,,guy who lives in town here has one restored, he uses it for a daily driver, will see if I can catch a picture of it, I think he mounted the cab on a 1 ton dodge chassis with cummins,,,randy

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Check it out. This is my version of a 1938 Dodge with 41 Chevy Headlights. It was designed with an Art Deco Theme. Has flowing body lines. Though the top of the Tank is not straight. Realized that afterwards. I figured a Turbo Cummins with a 5 speed and 3 speed rear. I like traditional. Texaco is my favorite fuel company. The skirts have stainless triple speed spears on them on the truck and trailer. Plus the logos on the skirts are Texaco stars that line up exactly with each hub. This truck has been customized so not everything looks like a Dodge. Also has a custom grille and side vents. The single marker light on top is actually a lighted sign that says Texaco.

post-6249-058450800 1276971979_thumb.jpg

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