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B Model Air Cleaner

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The intake was raised to get fresh, clean air. I don't know if it had to be ordered specially or if certain models just came that way, like P (straight truck) chassis that may be used for dump or mixer work. They would be used off road more than most and need to get the dust free air. If a tractor was going to be used as a vocational truck the higher intake may have been possible to special order. Maybe someone knows for sure, lets wait and see.

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My truck has the "P" motor(non turbo, but split intake manifold) but had the short cap on it. I also liked the tall pipe and ordered the chrome extension for it. When I bought the truck, the cap had a large dent in the side where the wing window had hit it over the years when opening the door.




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Freighttrain...nice looking truck...Im in the process of buying a B61T non/turbo tri/plex single axle truck.I live north of Wooster Ohio and was wondering how close you are to us.Id like to see one fixed up like yours.This is my first mack project so Im going to have alot of questions...Thanks Jim

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