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The Difference Between An R600 Vs. R611T

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I am new to the Mack world and am struggling to understand the model numbers as well as what truck to buy. I own a 12ton backhoe and need to move it fairly regularly as well as needing to haul material. I have found a 1985 R600 six wheeler for around $8500 with 430,000 miles and looks to need a couple of grand worth of work. I believe it turns out around 300hp. I have also found an 1985 R611t six wheeler with 135,000 miles with low gears for a bit more money but it sounds well taken care of. It was a state truck. I am wondering if the R611t was typically purchased by municipalities and don't know if that would be a wise choice. I like the low mileage but I'm sure weather to stay away from state trucks. The current owner sounds like he has taken care of the truck and is now retired and doesn't run the truck much. If anyone has any thoughts it would be much appreciated.



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Hi Garth,

An R611T is an R600. R600 is the general model designation of all R600's. There are R609's 607's 685's 611, 612,686 and so on, dozens. The last two #'s in the model code refers to engine. The 1st letter after the #'s is the rear of chassis arrangement, eg. T is a single drive rear end and is only a 4x2. S is a tandem drive, 6x4. X is s/drive heavy duty, basically off highway. SX is Tandem drive heavy duty.

The R600 you are looking at could be an R611.

regards Jeff.

P.S. 611 refers to ENDT673C, 250hp, usually a Quadbox.

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It is my belief that the R models that have the air to air aftercooler in front of the radiator are the better ones. You can usually tell this in the pictures that show the grill. Once you see the two together you will be able to pick it out easily.

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Well actually, the R611T denotes that it is an R600 single axle tractor with a ENDT 673 engine, however I have my doubts that it would be a 1985 model with that engine designation.

As stated, the "S" suffix would denote a tandem axle chassis, and "SX" would denote a tandem axle severe service chassis.

If the truck in question was a severe service single axle, then it would be a R611X.

A 1985 should be a R685T, a R686T, a R688T, R612T, etc.

"If You Can't Shift It Smoothly, You Shouldn't Be Driving It"

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