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What Is Is? Trdl722


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pulled the Sears tractor (65 B61LT) we bought at the auction in the garage to get it running and founf the transmission was a TRDL722 10 speed direct. was just figuring this was a TRDL72 Transmission as the truck is a B61LT but dont know what the second 2 is for. Does this transmission have a deep low?


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Actually, I believe the "722" is a later model of the same basic transmission as the "72" series, also the "7220" is a later model of the "720" series of overdrive transmissions of that era.

I had a 1958 B81SX (ser. # 1671) that had a TRQ720 double over quad box with double disc push type clutch. There's also the "7210" which had less overdrive than the 720, but slightly more overdrive than the 7220.

I had a 1962 B613T (5466) that had a TRQ 7210 quad box, with double disc push type clutch.

The B61SX (53487) that I had was equipped with a TRQ7220 quad box and single disc push type clutch.

I've also worked on a lot of other B models and DM's that had quad box transmissions, and have never noticed a correlation between the model # of the trans and input shaft length or diameter, or whether it had a single disc, double disc, push type or pull type clutch (yes, some of the later 7220's used in DM's & R's were set up for pull type clutch).

My opinion on the original question is that the trans is a TRDL722 because the truck is a 1965. If the truck had been from the '50s, then it would have had a TRDL72.

Incidentally, the "L" stands for lightweight model, with aluminum shifting covers etc.


"If You Can't Shift It Smoothly, You Shouldn't Be Driving It"

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