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Superliner Defroster

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The only thing other than the dynaturd that sucks about my Superliner is the defrosters. It will barley keep the windows clear. It has good air flow. When the winsheild is clear it is so hot in the truck its unbearable. Then the side windows fog up, if they ever got un fogged. Any suggestions?


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They had that problem when they were new. I remember the '84 that gave the same result. Lmackatack is not too far from offering a reasonable remedy.

My G-model is the same way, if I am over-heated the glass fogs up so bad you can't see out. I often wear a windbreaker type jacket. I have experimented with removing the jacket and cracking the side windows to allow air flow. If I put the jacket on, I get warm and the windows fog up, no jacket-no fog. This may not work for you but it certainly gives you other options to try.

If you have A/C, try running it for a while, it removes moisture from the air via the condensor. In newer vehicles when you the defroster the A/C turns on. I use A/C in all of my vehicles over the winter months, you can blow heat with them on as well, it helps dry you out on those damp days.

An aftermarket fan or defroster that plugs into the cigar lighter may help.

'70 & '80 vintage Chevy pickups had the same concern if you didn't have A/C.

I hope I offered some good ideas for you to try.

Good Luck, Doug

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I do open the roof vent. It helps alot. I try opening the windows and all the other crap. It helps a little, but, I was hoping there was a better solution. I am thinking about the gogles wipes for riding four wheelers to keep them from fogging. Think its worth a try?

I'll try the AC thing. Hopefully someone figures out something to fix this problem.

Do the newer RDs have the same crappy defrosted system?


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A slight coolant leak in the heater core or hoses inside the HVAC unit can introduce moisture into the air stream and cause excessive fogging of the windows too.


Yes and you will have a film build up on the inside of the windows too. If the windows look like you smoke in the cab but do not, be sure to check for HVAC system integrity. Clamps leak more often than thought as the rubber hoses age.


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