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Looking Into Buying Newer Mack

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Hello there everybody. My question is Im looking into buying a 07 Mack Granite CV 713 . It has a AI 460 motor, 13 speed ,4.30 gear ratio, and it is air ride . It is a good looking truck but when i drove it seem really sluggish compared to my truck now which is 95 CL713 with E7 427 motor, 13 speed , 4.64 gear ratio and camelback suspension . Antways I got the VIN off it ,took to my local Mack garage just to have them tell me whats all been done to it . Its had 6 ECM put in it and 2 crossmembers. The service manager there told me I was nuts for wanting to trade my truck in on these newer trucks. He told me that anything newer than an 03 are junk the computers cant take the heat, will not get as much power or fuel mileage that my 95 does. He said you cant turn this truck any to et more power out of it . So my question is ,have alot of you had problems with granite , or the AI motors . I love my CL . It has 750000 miles on it ,motor never been tore down and runs great . Im just wanting to update but not if im going to buy a truck that less reliable then the one I already own. :pat:

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My opinion in light of the facts presented is that you should stick with your current truck which has been performing well, rather than spend or borrow money to buy a potential P.O.S.


"If You Can't Shift It Smoothly, You Shouldn't Be Driving It"

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I'd have a difficult time getting rid of a dead reliable truck if I made a living with it. I don't know much about E7 series engines but any mechanical injected engine is far superior, (my opinion) to the electronic "marvels" that are out there now. The "tree huggers" are only making matters worse as time goes on.

That CL could be taken down and rebuilt for less money than you could potentially wrap up in the Granite from the sounds of it. I know people that absolutely love their Granite trucks, and some that can't get out of them fast enough from a mechanical standpoint. Everybody likes the way they drive and handle, but it has to run and perform consistently or is of no practical use.

A well maintained CL is hard to beat and I'd probably evaluate stongly keeping the one you have.


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I think both guys are right, if you have a good reliable truck I would stick with it. I have talked to alot of Mack mechanics at differant shops when I,m getting my Vision serviced and they all say the same thing. ANY of the E.G.R. Mack engines are junk......that hurts to say but the truth is the truth. 03 and newer have the E.G.R. (exhaust gas resurculation) B.S. installed. Good luck. I am thinking of just having mine rebuilt before she gets to long in the tooth.




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6 eecu's throws up a flag for me as a mack technician, for what reason were they replaced? sluggishness could be from low fuel pressure, an incorrect engine file, or eup codes not programmed in, horse power upgrades can be done, but they are EXPENSIVE and you can normally only go 50 horse higher. they are not bad trucks, the egr and vgt systems can have common issues, but are warranty covered for 5 yrs or 300,000 miles so are engine ecu's and vehicle ecu's.

the AI motors IEGR and CEGR are MUCH more reliable than the new MP7 and MP8 motors.

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