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  1. I just left an email on Tegral's website. I do not know if the Trident is available in the U.S. I will try to buy two forks and some of the sideboards.
  2. Thanks everyone lots of good advice here. We put a hook on a stick for me and the other driver about a year ago to grab things off the bed without climbing. I will buy two of the tridents with the sideboards, did not know about them. I am going to start carrying a 6 ft. fiberglass ladder with me from now on when I go to the plants. We do not need a three axle trailer it is just what we have. My dad and I bought that trailer over 30 years ago for $2500.00. Before that we had a 1952 and a 1953 Trailmobile two axle trailer with the turn tables. Those were nice old trailers and they had a spring
  3. We always wanted a tractor in our small fleet. It would not be real practical having another truck around and only using it once a week though. I would love a tractor with a drop deck trailer, perfect for an older driver. Here is a pic of some of the loads we have to tie down.
  4. I have been pulling pup trailers for over 40 years and love how they follow my tandem flatbed boom truck. We haul brick and stone with a 1987 Mack RD and an 1990 International Paystar 5000. Trucks empty are 30,000 and the pup weighs around 10,000. So we are 40,000 empty. Years ago we would go up to 60,000 but now we try to stay under 50,000. My main problem is now with my age and weight and the pup trailer so high that it is getting hard to tie down. My friend has a Eager Beaver 20 ton lowboy for sale the deck is 34 in off the ground vs my trailer which is almost 60 ins. His trailer is about 8
  5. Sold the 71R model today. It went to a very good home and a very happy new Mack owner.
  6. Yea I thought about just because they are asking a lot also. It just seems cheap to me for a truck that is in excellent mechanical condition. I can put 10 ton on that little truck and pull just about any hill around here in 5th gear. I think I will call the young man tomorrow and let him have it for his offer. As always you guys are very helpful. Little sad though, that truck has been with me for around 35 years. Thanks again Randy.
  7. I have been looking around on line and it seems like $7000.00 does not buy a very nice B model. Are the B models more sought after than these early R models? At my age and running two small businesses I am wanting to downsize and simplify my life. This potential buyer is wanting to restore this truck and put it in a garage. Thanks Bob.
  8. I have an offer on this truck of $7000.00. I do not need it any longer but was thinking its condition and being a small cab all steel dash maybe I should hold out for more money. You could not buy a good 1 ton for that kind of money. This is an ad to describe the truck and my profile is a picture of the truck. I would appreciate any advice and am sorry if I should have posted this in the for sale section. Thanks Randy 1971 Mack single axle dump in excellant working condition. Needs nothing, ready to work with a powerful 237 Maxidine motor. Motor was rebuilt by Mack garage in Wheeling WV s
  9. Another helpful hint to anyone wanting to learn to double clutch. Anything you drive that has a standard will shit just fine with a double clutch. A standard car or pickup truck can give a guy good practice in a smaller easier to handle package. I drove truck so much that it is just a habit to double clutch.
  10. Glad you are having fun and be careful. I would always double clutch up to 5th on the main and then double clutch from say LO to HI on the auxiliary as one shift. Then double clutch from 5th to 1st as a second shift. That is simple and works.
  11. One of the first trucks I drove was like a 1968 DM. I was told it was a chrysler v8 gasoline engine with a 5+4. In the beginning I would shift all 20 gears even when empty just because I was an 18 year old gear head. I remember the transmission as very smooth and easy to shift. Once I learned it well you could jump around in it pretty good depending on your load and how steep of a hill you were climbing. Slow down and double clutch.
  12. Well its charging with a rebuilt alternator. I bought from local Mack dealer bottom and top bracket for alternator. They had parts in stock and the same bolt hole pattern for bottom bracket on engine block. I changed top bracket also because the alternator uses a larger diameter bolt than does the old generator. I bought a rebuilt 160 amp alternator that is isolated, it does not ground through its housing. This type alternator has two wires, positive and negative. I hooked up these two wires to the starter and solinold pos. & neg. battery cable connections. I removed the voltage reg. and a
  13. Thanks Freightrain, hot to volt or amp meter then to ground from 2nd terminal ( on back of meter ) or to neg. battery terminal?
  14. Thanks guys, I did this gen. to alt. switch on a 72 R model we had once. I think it had a pos-neg switch on the radio. I think the new alternator will hook up with one wire straight to battery. Then I will have a field and armature wire from old generator going to voltage reg. I could just tape them up but amp meter may not work. Anybody here know what to do? Thanks again.
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