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  1. richyung601 if you have a Freon leak at any point in the system you should see a oil stain from the Freon/oil mix in the system. I do not see that in the pic. if you do need to change the expansion valve the main problem u will have is getting the brass nuts on the evap. core to break free from the aluminum valve. also those lines are steel nuts in the aluminum valve. you will need good line wrenches. do not use open end wrenches . you should heat the nuts with small propane torch. watch out for the foam gasket if it catches fire you will need more than a new a/c system. if the heat does
  2. when you make the range shift does it grind or shift smoothly. did you drain the oil and check plug for filings . what happened that you needed bearings at 300,000 miles seems premature. how old is your clutch. we have ten of these transmissions and we just pull them and go with mack reman. 2 year unlimited mileage warranty. tried the patch it here and there method before never lasts long. at 580,000 you must have wear on sliding gears and shift fork ends. I do not know what you do or how hard you work the truck but I would go with reman T 2180 B.
  3. well I better put the money back under the mattress before mama notices its gone . lol maybe next time.
  4. we changed two R models from e-6 350 to e-7 400 a decade ago. the biggest change I remember having to make was the front engine mount crossmember. old ones were the round half moon style. new style was a flat pad mount like the radiator uses . we had a truck with the new style to copy so it was not to bad.
  5. I would take it off the truck and even them up . not sure how long the threaded part is but you need it to be in far enough so the pinch bolt and clamp can work properly. save going on a wild ride for the amusement park
  6. marcel67 great looking truck. cant wait until cabovers make a comeback in the us so I can get a new one . currently trying to restore a 1982 cruise liner .
  7. wacatak are you using the clutch or float shifting. also are you having trouble when downshifting for more power like going up hill or when trying to slow down .
  8. Wildman start by looking at the connector for the hood harness. from years of opening and closing the copper will actually break inside the insulation. you will have to feel for a flat spot or void under the insulation .
  9. HEY GG2 I hope you don't get a ticket for runnin around with your nuts uncovered. LOL.
  10. help I am looking for a flange yoke for a 12 speed mack transmission. part # 32mu381 . spicer/dana part #6.5 -1-2591. both mack and spicer list it as no longer available. any help would be great . thanks Doug.
  11. we own one 36' mountain electric drive. two 34' merlot smart tarps with electric drive. I like merlot because it has replaceable panels. front and rear panels always wear out first.
  12. your drain valve is pluged . you should get water and fuel out of it .
  13. nice looking truck we are currently redoing a 1995 cl 613 e7 454 18 speed mack 46k rears w/4.17 ratio . amost finished. i have never heard or seen the mount you are describing what are your specs.
  14. the best engine in my opinion is the e7 454 we have several with one million plus miles they just run and run
  15. Did I hear or read some ware that they crashed one. Only issue we have had is injector. Cups failed at 70,000 mi.
  16. Hi Steve I thought that might be you when I saw gainsville a dress. I am new to this posting thing. Been on this site for awhile just reading posts but my password would not work so I had to reregister. How are things going Doug.

  17. It is great so far. Rides like a pick-up only 5 ft higher. 605 hp. Where was that 20 years ago. Anybody that drives one will want one. If we keep it in shop for p.m. Driver takes the day off does not want to drive his old 2000 C L .
  18. We have two titans in our fleet. . First one has 75;000 mi. On it. Second one still in shop for p.t.o. And other prep work. We are located near Batavia n.y. Truck is mostly on the nys thruway.
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