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  1. Rob,

    Many thanks for your comments.  All most helpfull along with other replies from BMT posters on this subject.

    Sure seems to be zooming in on a fuel (too lean) issue.  Will be checking that out. Engine does not smoke at all when warmed up - indeed when taking for the annual VOSA test* over here, it passes any emmisions checks no problem.

    *I have to take this 1970 Mack R719 for the same annual 'test' as, say, a 2018 Volvo / Scania / Merc / Daf, which include brake tests with a loaded trailer etc....It generally passes....

    BTW - seems that not many ENDT864 engines built for trucks. And the company who originally bought the truck I have (Campanella Corp of Rhode Island seemed to have had similar problems as those you made mention of. I assume no connection with them as you are too far away (too many miles and to the West of Rhodes Island ?)



    VOSA Testing Mack Loaded 800mb.jpg

    1. Rob


      Hi Phil;

      Nice looking truck there. Glad to see another one working still and being cared for. I am fond of the V8 Mack diesels myself but over here it was difficult to get parts back in the early 1970's for the ENDT-864 series. The 1970 and up ENDT-865 were easier by far. Not many on the site have been around long enough to have worked, or worked on one as they all but disappeared quickly in my area being replaced by either an inline six, or a later V8. Head gaskets along with the "PS" series of distributor injection pump were the main culprits. The cylinder heads just seemed to want to move around and scrub the gaskets out. I installed three sets into the engine I finally changed out over about a year and a half and the downtime was getting expensive. That engine was changed to a then new ENDT-676 and the problems were history.

      If you isolate down to an injection pump needing rebuilt and have trouble, let me know as I know a gent whom still works on the older stuff like that.


    2. Phil Bennett

      Phil Bennett



      Thanks for reply – I just happen to be at computer when message came through.

      ‘Yes’, those ‘faults’ of the engine sure seem to be common to anyone who has experience of them !

      I feel quite fortunate to have one that seems to work and run fine (albeit currently lacing in power to shift 32 tons at a reasonable pace…), and, despite long periods of inactivity, still starts on the button.  Always.

      I also managed to buy some Mack head gaskets as ‘spares’ quite a while ago.

      Likewise with the pump – bought a spare used one from Mike at Southeastern Diesel, Elm City, NC and he (Mike) is helpful with advice.  I also have been in touch with a chap over here who has worked on the PSM / PSJ pumps.  But always good to know of other folks who may be able to help out.  One good useful thing for the Internet, eh ?

      Mack is currently in Black wrap after being used for a couple of films – does appear (briefly) in 2019 Bohemian ddd Rhapsody fim.



      Mack 2mb less 6.JPG

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