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  1. What's on my mind? U models of course.

  2. well put the old dog away and took the batteries out. i had a bucket over the stack and we started it and accidently left the bucket on. "oops"

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    2. randyp


      hope you didnt knock a communications satellite out of its orbit

    3. umodelnut


      na the bucket acctualy stayed on we had to jump up there and get it off the stack.

    4. vision386


      Done it myself with a coffee can a time or two!

  3. Gotta park the ol u model for the winter this weekend. now i dont get to drive it.

    1. Rob


      I hate when that happens. Fun seems to stop for the winter.

    2. umodelnut


      well for the macks it does but i have fun by ridin snowmobiles

  4. hay man i saw your comment on the picture of doug fetterlys b model but im not doug im just a friend of dougs.

  5. also the red one i dont know what kind of shpe thats in but it used to have a tow bed on the back

  6. hay the two brockways are in Harrisville NY owned by doug Fetterly the green one is pretty rough i think the cab is a little rusty and and the fnder is rotted so much its pretty much just hanging there

  7. hay man saw your comment on do you recongnize this i got all the build records from mack and my truck was built in canada and flexi van truck rental got it they also told me it went to some dealer in rhode island in the 80s but they didnt tell me anything after that

  8. hay man i found out how much they want for them b models.... $10,000!!! thats a little pricey the b66 was converted to a diesel but they left the gas tranny and drive shaft in it if they got them running i might pay that much hopefully they will go to a good home

  9. hay look on the gallery i posted the pics of the b models on there

  10. saw a picture of your u model on your website thats a very nice truck ive got a 75 u model

  11. Hay i posted some pictures of the b models i was talking about i posted them in the gallery

  12. hay man just saw some pics of your u model that thing is beautiful !!!!!! last weekend when i went to my grandma and grandpas house i drove my old u dog around and we did a cold start when it was about 40 degrees there was alot of fog.

  13. hay bob i finally got some doors for my truck the passenger one came off a 80s u model its dented right in front of the handle but we can pound that out theres no rust on it and the drivers door came off a 70s r model no dents and no rust and i got both of them for free.

  14. hay saw your comment on my pic of allthe stuff off the hood and i guess werecomin along pretty good we still need to get that cab off i think thats gonna be a job. vinny

  15. hi im vinny and i saw that you posted a comment on my picture of all the cabs and stuff asking were they were and they are up in Harrisville NY

  16. hay bob today the guy who used to own our u model called me and my grandpa to come up to his barn to see what he picked up and when we got there on his trailer was two u models one was pretty rough not much left on it but the other one was beautiful except that someone cut off the frame on the back but there were no dents but there was some little rust under the cab and the drip rail wasnt even rusted ill post pics of them this weekend maybe. from vinny

  17. hi im vinny and ive got my own u model and im only 11 i was wondering if you could post some pics of your u model from vinny

  18. yes i saw that truck on truckpaper i go on that just about every time i go on the computer

  19. hay its me me and my grandpa got some stainless steel fenders for my truck and we got a new air cleaner for it. but we need some doors now - vinny

  20. mowerman you wanted to see the pictures of the cab there are two pics on there they are the pics with the cab sitting on the garage floor.

  21. its umodelnut i just saw your comments on one of my pictures they are from amonth ago and i didnt know they were there. we also got some kinda new tires on her and the new rear end. the truck looks clean but the cab is shot you can see right through it but we got a new cab shell to put on it. i will try to post some interior pics.

  22. mowerman its umodelnut me and my grandfather finally got the u model home will post pics sometime this week or nextweek.

  23. that show was pretty good there was alot of macks and i got to go to the mack museum. We are also almost ready to bring the truck home we got the drive shaft out to get it extended and it should be done this week.

  24. mowerman, we havent been working on the truck lately. But I am going to Macungie this coming weekend.

  25. iv got a u model too

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