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  1. Last year I bought a 7041 from White & Bradstreet truck salvage in Maine for $400.
  2. Hey guys, Looking to move a 79 Ford p/u crew cab ---just the cab with the front doors, from Arcadia, KS to North Adams, MA. It's a 23 hour trip. I have a freight account, but not sure if I trust a trucking company to shuffle this around without damaging it. Not sure if the seller has a time frame on moving the cab. Let me know if anyone has space going in my direction. contact FirstEliminator at AOL dot com or w---413-663-3336 m-f 8-6+ thanks, Mark
  3. I see he has a B-83 on there. Strange, he spelled the city name wrong. It should be Northampton, not North Hampton. I've found that if you search western mass CL using only the city the way he spells it, a bunch of his stuff comes up. Found another B-81, plus other stuff that is definitely his. Generators, carts---lot of scrap yard type stuff---interesting stuff.
  4. Thanks guys. Looks like triple frame. Not sure of the ratios. The engine is a naturally aspirated 673. Hmmmmm, I'm not quite ready for a cement truck. This truck was at a show in PA? The seller didn't mention that. He did say he's had it for about 3 years, got it out of Connecticut. The seller was quite a Mack fanatic himself. There were a bunch of B and R models----at least a dozen.
  5. Well, I'd better watch Larry's twin-stick shifting video a bunch of times. Here's what I bought today:
  6. Hi BC, If I find a successful means of doing this, it probably would be something I'd try to promote for work at my shop. I'm sure there would be people interested as it has been a complaint of 4104 owners. hi Mark, Smaller tires would help a little bit. But, it'd be a direct trade off of top-end which is currently 65. Oh, the 7041 aux-box showed up on Wednesday. It's slightly smaller than the 8341 aux in my Brockway. Gosh, if it can fit at all, it's going to be tight. One thing I will have to do is measure the rise and fall of the rear suspension to determine driveshaft length before I reach the reasonable limit of u-joint angle. Do they make a double-cardan U-joint for the size of the u-joints in my bus? Drive shaft angle may be distorted in one way or another where a double-cardan may help----if they make one that size. thanks, Mark Berkshire Transmissions North Adams, Massachusetts
  7. I've bought a Spicer 7041 and it should be here in a few days. The aux will be measured, inspected and mocked up to see how, if possibly that it cam be crammed in the bus. If not, there is a 1970 Ford C-800 parts truck with a 2 speed rear at my shop. As much as I love the old C series Fords, it might be time to take it apart. Perhaps the internals of the Eaton 2 speed rear can be made to fit in the bus 3rd member? Despite owning a transmission shop, I've never seen the inside of a 2 speed rear. GM should have made a 2 speed rear for these buses......they really need it. And yes, a high 1st gear is a very popular topic on the bus forums. No matter which method I try, there is going to be a bunch of machining to make it work. That will be half the fun.
  8. Hey Larry!!! Surprised I don't have any pictures than the seller's for sale pictures that I saved. My Brockway has an air shifted P-8341-D which has a 2.40:1 Lo-Lo. I've had no problems shifting it from Lo-Lo to UD. Worst case scenario is if it won't shift out of 1st--Lo-Lo, I can shift the main up to 4th while in Lo-Lo to crest a hill. The 1st/OD ratio is between 2nd and 3rd. Either way, there'd be 16 speeds to choose from. Hi BC, I was a member of the busgreasemonkey forum. I didn't post enough and I think I lost access. I already had several threads running on busnut. I have a few ideas on making this work, but really need to get the bus and a Spicer 7014 in hand to form a plan. I found a few 7014's that were cheap enough to take a gamble on seeing if it fits. High first gear seems to be a common complaint. A 4 speed aux-box would be perfect for this application. It would be great for reversing too. I'm not too worried about putting in more work than the bus is worth. It's a hobby, so funneling away money regardless of resale price is an accepted fact. Adding this aux-box is a desire that is turning into a mission. Time will tell. thanks, Mark
  9. Oh,I just saw the trailers been sold! Wuz gonna suggest you go online and lookup a major flatbed carrier Landstar and Mercer come to mind,and see if they have an o/o in Texas that could deck your trailer and bring it to mass. Wouldn't have been cheap tho!

  10. Looking at the available space, a married box might be the only way to go.
  11. Hey guys, Here is an idea I'm beginning to ponder, but not finding many answers on the internet for specs to help me determine what I can go with. The vehicle is a 1957 GM 4104 bus----like an old Greyhound. It has a 6-71 inline and a 4 speed Spicer. I like the manual, but 1st gear is so high. It's nearly impossible to start on a hill. In a bus forum I belong to I heard some later bus transmissions in 70's were 5 and 6 speed. But, I don't know what is entailed in swapping one of those in place of the 4. I was thinking about what could be done then realized my 71 Brockway 361 is a 5 speed with a Spicer 8341 air shifted 4 speed aux-box. Here are some of the questions I am trying to find answers to: Through my searching I've noticed there are both 3 and 4 speed auxiliary boxes. There is no need to go with a 4 in the bus. Plus, space for adding an aux-box is going to be tight. Not sure if space is an insurmountable problem. So, I am hoping the 3 speed is short enough to fit with enough driveshaft length left to accommodate the suspension travel. What are the torque capacities of the Spicer 6231, 7231 and 8031? I did find the the specs of the 5831 are 275 torque and 150 hp. The 8031 might be a bit big for the bus. Which makes it look like either the 6231 or 7231 might be appropriately sized. Realizing that part of Spicer's model number denotes torque capacity, I would think a 7231 would be best suited to the 7141 trans that is in the bus. Are either of the 6231 or 7231 available as an air shifted unit or can air shifting be adapted to a manual unit? Two stick trucks are awesome. Although, mounting the air switch and running air lines would be way easier than figuring out how to fabricate linkage to go back 35 feet. What are the lengths of these? The drive shaft in the bus isn't very long and I am not sure how much room there actually is. As for ratios, I would prefer something with an underdrive of 2.00:1. I have seen the UD listed in the 5831 specs with 2.35, 2.00 and 1.27 available. Since I am only using this UD to get the bus moving and don't plan to split every gear, the small ratio drop probably wouldn't be worth the effort. Plus, it looks like I can overdrive one gear down in the trans to split for climbing a hill. Any recommendations or advice would be great. thanks, Mark
  12. Hey guys, Guess I won't be picking up this trailer as when I called back to make an offer it had just been sold. Thanks for the replies. LARRY! hey, it's been a while. At the speed my bucket truck moves, it'd take a good week to get to you. At 4 mpg, you could probably save by hiring the most expensive tree cutters in town. My friend Paul that was with me when I stopped by a couple years ago was just in your area. He picked up a 72 Chevelle 454, 4 spd.
  13. Thanks for the replies. It was mentioned to me on the Brockway forum that Texas can issue different permits. One of them is called a "One Trip Permit". No insurance is needed on a trailer. No load can be carried on the trailer. This permit can be used as long as the trip originates or terminates in TX. By golly, this permit costs a whopping 5 dollars.
  14. Hey guys, I am looking at buying a 53' Landoll 660B trailer that is down in Texas. I live in Massachusetts. The trailer is not registered. The lights and brakes work. Any ideas on how to move it to Massachusetts? I posted on U-ship, but had no replies so far. thanks, Mark w 413-663-3336 m-f 8-6 est FirstEliminator@aol.com
  15. Well, it might be a different truck. Unless he changed the tires, mirrors and the fuel tank.. Mark
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