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  1. this engine sits in a R Model , single drive, only V8 engine amongst the other truck racing fraternity, features a 375 block, 440 heads, water/air intercooling, plenty of black smoke, pushing about 1100 hp. only to be found in NZ
  2. are you trying to get your number of posts up Tim.? its nearly BTR chassis blue
  3. keep wishing cock , one day you will get lucky
  4. change of ownership here is $6.00, registration for an appliance is $67.00 per year, for the same size commercial truck its $684.oo per year, pays to own a fire appliance
  5. We have vollies in this country that have sick ways too. unfortunately it takes a while before a conviction takes place
  6. From the album: kiwi macks

    sold the btrain, then the customer wants his bent tip deck taken for a ride as well
  7. From the album: kiwi macks

    typical superliner, plenty of go but no whoa, hit trees on the way down the lewis pass
  8. trade the whole dunger in on a Cf, fire depts never lock their units, so you wont have any further problems.!!!!!!!
  9. Started my quarry days on a Michigan 35 aws, brilliant simple machine , we had 13 of them, couldnt kill them, then we bought a 175 B and 2x, 75Bs, the old 75 A that was on its way out had a cab and the arms were in front, the 175b did 10, 000 hrs on the 8v71, with no mechanical issues, only the dork driving it used the brakes to unload the bucket in the feed bin, the calipers didnt like that, it used to weigh in at 23 tonnes on the front axle and 9 tonnes on the rear with a full bucket, good michigan memories
  10. I guess if you live in Vermont, you are not a man till youve had a man!, never mind the sheep and goats
  11. if it is on u tube then i hope your hands are on the wheel cock!, not fingering yourself and leaving a stain in the cab.the guy with the tapioca problem probably has a long unkept beard, to keep the tapioca warm during the day for seconds. I say Olivetroad, show us your mack.!
  12. saw your fleet in the VTC Magazine, I think you guys need a V8 too
  13. ask the man if he wants to part with his hoodlining , mine is missing it, NZFS must have been a hurry to remove the red flashing lights. twig and berries injecting custard in the right place as its 30 degrees C here today, we do have overalls here in NZ capable of even keeping your gob warm, and i dont feel sorry for your miserable winter either
  14. no good here timmy, your ears will get cold sitting in the rear seats, and it probably goes overweight on the axle loadings, mine is haevy enough at 16tonnes let alone a full water tank
  15. where is the sunvisor and stoneguard on the superdog numb nuts?
  16. Name: Mack Superliner (1986) Date Added: 02 January 2012 - 04:37 PM Owner: roadusercharges Short Description: new to Chemical Cleaning in Tauranga, 3 owners since then, I bought it in 2004 View Vehicle
  17. Name: Mack CF685 (1982) Date Added: 02 January 2012 - 04:24 PM Owner: roadusercharges Short Description: CKd here in New Zealand, right hand drive, body work by Wormalds, waterous pump, Snorkel 65ft Hydraulic Elevating platform View Vehicle
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