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  1. In what City and State are you located? Are the trunnion parts available? Bronze bushed? Are these Stanchions currently unbolted frame the frame rails? Please advise. Rick- N.H.
  2. Looking for a C-600 Bumper in fairly straight, good condition. Also, misc. other parts might be needed. Fenders, hood, etc. Have another C model on the way similar to our current one in these photos........(may be for sale this Fall) Can assist with shipping arrangements. Thank you, Rick - 603-759-8880 - rmmark@comcast.net
  3. I have 1 - 10.00Rx22 drive tire - General. Near 100% tread. Stored inside, Excellent condition Rick - 603-759-8880 I can assist with transportation arrangements to PA.
  4. NOS 11.00Rx22 General tires - Matched set of 4, Ameri-MSL all position tread. Load range H New with stickers - stored inside, excellent condition. $600 per tire. Also, one Firestone 11.00R-22 take-off - Load H. $300.00 Can assist with transport arrangements 603-759-8880 -Rick
  5. Tires have been SOLD locally. Thank you for looking
  6. We could use a set of B-67 fenders......NOS or very clean, free of rust and body filler, minor dents ok. Able to assist with freight arrangements. Rick - 603-759-8880
  7. 3 - 11.00x20 General Steer tires. NOS, never run, 2 mounted on Dayton rims, one loose. Some very minor hairline cracking in a couple spots - but still very serviceable. $300.00 for the lot. Can assist with freight arrangements Rick - 603-759-8880
  8. 10.00Rx22 General traction tire. Take-off with 100% tread. Stored inside, excellent condition. $250. Can assist with freight arrangements Rick - 603-759-8880
  9. Need a 2 Port Air Cleaner for a 2003 RD 688. OEM Part number is 2MD4112. Rick : 603-759-8880
  10. Gentlemen: Found transportation on Sat. 2-24-12. 1952 Mack LTL coming across. Idaho to............Nashua, NH. Thank you for looking. Rick Markiel
  11. Rob: Could you please check for that 3rd tire? Would you consider parting with it? Thank you, Rick
  12. Need to match a NEW Firestone 10.00x22 Transport 1 steer tire. Must be new or "like new" condtion. Will pay for and make shipping arrangements. Email: rmmark@comcast.net Call: Rick - 603-759-8880
  13. Need a Mack LT hauled from a location near Clarkston, WA to Nashua, NH 03060. Truck is not running. Would need to have it pulled up on to a trailer with ramps...... or RGN / detachable lowboy. Approx 2814 truck miles. Ready for pick-up after Tues. Feb 21,2012. Overall Length is 26.5 ' Overall width - 8', Height is about 9' with exhaust stack extensions removed. Approx. 15,000 LBS. Need proof of Insurance. Please email me with quote: rmmark@comcast.net or Call: Rick - 603-759-8880 Cell
  14. Hi, I am interested in your R Model Mack sunvisor. Where are you located? Regards, Rick, Nashua, NH

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