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  1. Beatngu,Does that wrecker have a working back end? Unless time or parking issues cause an immediate need to move it,you shouldn't give it away! Don't let the old I'm tired of looking at it thing cause you to make a big financial mistake!a lot of towing outfits need a backup wrecker,and have the facilities and skills to handle the welding and engine repairs.Just say'n

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    2. BillyT


      You bet, still look'n for a "B"

    3. beatngu


      there is a few on craigslist in my area, one tucked away in the woods with a shovel on it and one for sale at fort edward express her ein plattsburgh but I don't know what they want to it. The frame looked rough being a plow truck

    4. BillyT


      Pretty far from Florida,but thanks for the " heads up",was  a B67 in Eustis Florida,but I think it's sold.

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