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  1. About an hour and a half away. Let me know when you come that way. Would like to meet up and show you some of our toys
  2. Thanks for the support guys. We restored her front to back about 7 years ago. It's been a hard, hard, hard, hard decision to let her go. Those of you who know me on here know my passion for v8s and Superliners. The people who bought her have offered to fly us over there and put us up in a hotel for free once they get the truck settled in. I think we are gonna take them up on that.
  3. This was our truck. It's going to spend the rest of her life in a museum in Australia. I wasn't a fan if selling but it is what it is. It's hard to turn down the money that was more than what she cost brand new. They came to us
  4. You're right Al. That's why his hauler superliner has the bumper that says killer on it.
  5. Need an e9 v8 oil dipstick the longer one tom.brown@ecotoh.net
  6. Looking for a radiator for an International Lonestar ISX 600 cummins. Tom.brown@ecotoh.net International is telling us that they currently can not locate one for us.
  7. He's got the bad dog dialed in... Did he win the big rig class Saturday?
  8. Bad Dog was our truck originally. Greg Kept the name and paint scheme. Glad to see the Mack's representing.
  9. Not 100% sure, I think he called it a "brownie'? It had a great overdrive would run triple digits
  10. Maxville I agree about the auxillary. The only thing negative about them is the high geared reverse. Its not fun if you have to back up with a load on off road. The aux, like you said, would be perfect for that both backwards and forwards. My uncle has a KW with an 8v92 and an HD750 he put a 4 speed aux behind it and it works slick.
  11. Thats a good idea. Nothing looks better than a polished rim on a bulldog!
  12. 96 bulldog have you thought of putting an auxiliary behind your hd750? We have a hd45 in a granite(factory) had a few problems at first but has been reliable for the Most part. We have an 83 mack rd with an hd750 in it that will only run 63 mph. We don't use it much anymore.
  13. New frame rails on one of the superliners and added an extra lift axle.
  14. E9 Army Tank Headers I didn't get all the pieces out
  15. We have had a lot of troubles with ours ISX600. Ours locked completely up at around 175,000 miles. Cummins pinned the problem to international something about how the motor was sucking dirt through the motor off the firewall. After a lot of fighting International replaced the complete motor. We are awlays messing with the exhaust filter and the 7th injector bs...
  16. Looks good. How much boost was you putting out with the new turbo?
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