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  1. hello ......don't know where the truck is that you are looking for ,but I have a 47 LS 85 in good condition in n.j. my e-mail is hinoki22@comcast.net .thanks
  2. try the mack museum in allentown ,pa. they can also supply you with a service ,spec. manual and history of the truck , they will need the model and serial #'s , takes about 3 or 4 weeks.
  3. don't know the exact name ,but it is use by several fire truck manufactors
  4. I have a 47 mack , sending out the master cyl. and hydrovac units to be rebuilt, would like to clean out the brake lines before putting rebuilts back in, what is the best way to flush??
  5. thanks for the advice, the truck has a hydr -vac system with a reserve vaccum tank on the other frame rail, I traced the line back from the reserve tank to the engine and and found it disconned (a pipe line from a sort of regulator on the firewall ) the line from this regulator to the manifold is gone and their is a plug threaded into the manifold. I don't know why it has been disconnected.
  6. Have a 47mack pumper that has no brakes, where do I start to fix them
  7. I don't know where your truck is ,but it is beautiful,I just purchased a 1947 L85 and me and my son are working on restoring it in N.J.
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