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  1. hi guy's ... anyone know where to purchase new wheel cyl for our 54 ls85 mack pumper? it has 2 cyl's per wheel. thanks
  2. anyone out their know where to purchase new wheel cyls for a 54 mack ls85 fire truck ,it has 2 cyl per wheel . thanks
  3. have a 1947 LS85 for sale rebuilt hydrovac & master cyl. new ignition system, new seat, body in good condition ,tires good, runs great 750 hale pump, no tank,good chrome, lights,bell, siren work e-mail for pic's hinoki22@comcast.net in northern south jersey
  4. Dave, I have a 1947 LS (semi-open cab) for sale(haven't advertized it yet) good condition ,good tires , body good, master cyl & hydrovac units totally rebuilt. all new ignition system ,good chrome and paint all lights and siren work ,new seats. no tank , don't know if pump works(750 GPM). In south jersey . e-mail ,hinoki22@comcast.net
  5. HI GUY'S , anyone using a lead additive to your mack gas engines ? pro's /con's
  6. HI GUY'S , can I use teflon tape or liquid on threads on a small leak on my truck with hydralic brakes , or any suggestions?
  7. anyone have a idea where to get brass block ,about 1'' thick , 7 sided, has 2 ,5/16 ports for brakelines and their is a through bolt that bolts it into the back of the hydrovac( the one I have ,1 of the 5/16 ports I cross threaded
  8. anyone know where to purchase a new or rebuilt fuel pump for a 1947 L 707 gas engine , thanks
  9. yes ...you are correct , the interior threads are for screwing in a vaccuam pump to bleed the system. learn more about this old mack everday!!!
  10. got the last of 4 off today , a liquid blaster penetrating oil ,a little heat and got them all out and cleaned up , ready to replace the last brake hose on the front left wheel.
  11. have a 47 mack ls85 did soon brake work and about ready to bleed air from system. on some of the bleeder I notice a plug about 7/16 with female threads on it like another fitting screws into it. Is something missing ? any suggestion how to loosen thoses plugs up, they feel like they are frozen to the wheel cylinder . thanks guy's
  12. yep. napa can get the 3 rubber brake hoses and that is where I got them I have the napa #'s if anyone needs them. thanks
  13. it is a ls85 fire truck and the air cleaner in mounted in the engine compartment ,the throat dia of the carb is 4" thanks
  14. hello guys looking for a simple chrome air clearner for my 47 mack 707 eng. to replace that big monster oil bath air clearner ,it would have to mount horizontal, thanks
  15. thanks for the info, white post did rebuild the master cyl. and hydrovac unit
  16. looking to replace the front wheel brake hoses ( from frame to wheel cylinders) where can I purchase , the hoses that are on their now don't have a swivle on one to make connecting easier,can a swivel be added? also same for the single hose at rear of truck (frame to rear) . 47 mack LS85,thanks guys
  17. your 42 mack is really scharp ! it looks very close to my 47 mack , I just had the master cyl and hydravac unit rebuilt, working on brakes and engine now , what type of electrical connector do you have that goes into the back of the officers search light?? thanks,AL
  18. the pull knob on the left doesn't operate(can't pull or push it in or out) the knob on the right does operate, went pushed in (red light off) the engine will start and run ,when pulled out it seems to run better , these swiches must be for the dual ignition and the one on the left that doesn't operate must be stuck in the on position...... does this sound true???? thanks guys
  19. on my 47 mack 85LS their are 2 switches on the dash and on top of each switch is a chrome bezel that has a red light in it that comes on when the switch knob is pulled out . are they for the dual ignition or ??? thanks
  20. hello ......don't know where the truck is that you are looking for ,but I have a 47 LS 85 in good condition in n.j. my e-mail is hinoki22@comcast.net .thanks
  21. try the mack museum in allentown ,pa. they can also supply you with a service ,spec. manual and history of the truck , they will need the model and serial #'s , takes about 3 or 4 weeks.
  22. don't know the exact name ,but it is use by several fire truck manufactors
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