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  1. Ok guys maybe the wrong place but how do I check pm on here..when I try to click on the right hand side where the number 2 is it just turn the screen dimmer ..thank you for the help
  2. Omg I never thought they would cost so much ...i thinkI'll just do vinyl for about 20 both sets
  3. 2000 rd Mack where can I buy the letters that go on the front under the dog. Got 2 no letters on either ..also is there a company that sells window visors that's not the metal ones..
  4. Driving today turn cruise control on work fine.. tried again on the way home and the orange light comes on and the flash ..not sure if it's a code but it flashed 7 times paused the 1 more ..any help is appreciated..e7 300hp Allison auto..dump
  5. Any pics of it..i see a switch on my firewall by the clutch with 3 wires going to it..
  6. My low air buzzer stop working but the light still works is there a buzzer in the dash on a circuit board ..my freightliner has a replaceable hoping the Mack does too.. 2000 rd688
  7. Thanks guys ..i may stay where I'm at if it's a lot of cash to change..20 tons it pulls pretty good just use to 400hp lol 8ll
  8. It's a rd690 I believe last 6 are 031609.. Transmission is a Allison automatic
  9. Ok guys I thought my truck was 350 but it's 300hp can a computer program change ..its a quad axle dump I just got day before thanksgiving..350 or 400 would be great..my other e7 is 400 8ll pulls like a train..this truck pulls ok but it's working a little hard at 71000lbs
  10. I went to Mack got the box of Mack filters cheap had to buy air filter extra
  11. Says custom made for slappy trucking Inc. On the dash..so far good runner..e7 350hp automatic. Came out of Strasburg va.
  12. Got it out of Strasburg va ..so far so good..says built for sloppy trucking Inc. On the dash
  13. Why is my post here ..i don't wanna buy from a regular person just thought somebody could save me a dollar...smh... part number place whatever thanks
  14. Anyone know a good source for the rollers besides the dealer..they want 50.00 bucks each ..
  15. Is the water filter a add on i can't seem to find 1 on this truck..i got the filter kit..and Mobil delvic oil thanks guys..
  16. My truck is a dump I mostly do highway work asphalt /milling..i grease every 2 weeks change all filters at same time with oil change water and fuel except air which I blow out ..i try to keep air on every 2 oil changes..
  17. What you guys suggest as a good mileage for oil change on this truck..
  18. Thank You for the information I would have figured they would be higher..
  19. What you guys think of the six brand filters..we use them on our race car so I figured I would get some opinions on them for the truck.. 2000 rd e7 Thanks
  20. Ok guys 2000 Mack rd 688 the slacks on it now just don't adjust anymore time for replacement..ive never replaced 1 before so I really need some guidance..i see these have more parts then my freightliner does....any help would be appreciated
  21. I'm in North Carolina..just talk to Mack 354.00 dang I'm going to see about replacing the bushing lol
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