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  1. It is great to see Denis is still in the game. That is a beast.
  2. I like this one!!!!!!!!
  3. I decided to add just a little to the bulldog that was painted on the sleeper of the Valueliner when I got it.........
  4. Nice, I always look for a good reason to get one of the old trucks out for a run. The time I volunteered to haul oversize cabins for a local church damn near cured me of it though
  5. I think Mike got it close to right. Both the Yaworski collection as well as the Wellington are in about as good a hands as can be had in Gary Mahan!! We all are fortunate to have such a guy in the hobby. It is obvious that the intent of the donation was to the NE chapter and the history of the region that the truck belonged in. Not some west coast location if you no what I mean?? I agree it should stay in the NE area or at the Mack Museum. Taking care of donor trucks is a big deal that costs money and takes a lot of volunteer time. I often wonder what will become of so many of these fine restorations in years to come not to mention just the collection of survivors that exist out there. Perhaps we should all consider donating to a fund that becomes an endowment to benefit the ongoing of collections.
  6. my buddy Norm in Galt CA had one like that. I will call him and see what he kept of it. As I remember it only had about one or two gauges in it as well!
  7. Mike, It came from the factory with a bunk. Looks like a decent job was done to fill the panel. Has a blue interior that is also in nice condition.
  8. I picked up this 84 Superliner from Mike Osborne (nicest damn guy you ever met) it has 440? V8 with Mack 9 and 4spd aux. air ride with mack rears. Aluminum frame to boot.....
  9. Osborne Trucking in Riverton Wyoming. Sharp truck! I like the Dog version of the CAT logo!
  10. Mark, That Powerliner was on top of a sign pole in a small valley on I-5 called Curtin. Between Roseburg and Eugene. It was lit up at night too. The powertrain was out of it so it was probably did not weigh much. it was taken down when the small fuel stop closed some years back. I never saw the Powerliner name actually on any of the FL's I looked at? only in the brochures.
  11. Very well done and a lot of creative extras to boot. Makes for a nice ride.
  12. I had always thought that Jack Curcio was the longest reining President of Mack but it appears Brosseau was. And didn't Zenon serve as chairman longer than 72?
  13. Lmackattack, I made that comment with tongue in cheek as it is obvious the talent and engineering exists to make a serious heavy haul truck as they do it in Australia. For whatever reasons they decided not to here in the US. You are right as most all Mack construction fleets in the west had a CL with the V8 on lowboy but Paccar filled the gap now. OC Jones in SF bay area still has a CL running a lowboy but the other day I saw a new Pete pulling for them. At one time even their service rigs were all Mack. I am sure their CL is on it's way out because of emissions in CA too.
  14. I like the story that Mike Osborne told me........and he loves his V8 Macks. If you want to mess with a V8 Mack........you better have your mess'n together!
  15. Mack is out of the heavy haul??? don't think so..............
  16. kscarbel or is it kscarbel2? Just about the time I thought you could do now wrong you state that Henry Nave.............from White motors ,,,,was a great CEO? you better talk to John "Jack" Curcio about that guy!! damn near brought Mack to it's knees. And the biggest mistake that Zenon made while at Mack was to bring Henry on board. But that is what happens when friends mix work.
  17. just think if CAT would have bought Mack......... or.........?? Mack struggled since the 50's. We have a local car dealer that went public and started doing roll ups of other dealers and is now doing over 4 billion in sales. Now think of the investment that Mack had to make and continues to have to make along with all of the liability and I doubt as a part of Volvo it even does close to 4 billion. Being an integrated truck manufacturer is a tough business.
  18. Cmom, Superdog you did more than just drool.........hell you're even cross eyed now!!
  19. Bob Brown was an American original. He had a knack for putting a little personal twist to a rig. On the 29 Mack I bought from him I have scripted...........Bob Brown the Greatest Name in Trucks!
  20. The red B was from southern Oregon and in it's day it was a sharp logger!. I stopped and looked it over and it was awful tired.
  21. I have not compared it yet but my understanding is that the 50 anniversary Titans built the hood is also a taller with less slope than the standard model??
  22. I have quite a few of the L cab B's and hope to do one someday. Keeping my open for a right priced CL with a V8 that is salvageable with the thought of making a runner out of one. The wrecker and green logger are B755's and the Blue is or was a B753. Note the late model windshields on two of them. All rubber.
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