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  1. very very well said and very true if it wasnt for cat and cummings there wouldnt be a paccar
  2. thats funny because the kw dealer here cant fix them fast enough and they are telling there customers to stay away but im real sure its just our area
  3. From the album: v&m macks

    1959 h67 was old north&south truck
  4. gentelmen i can say is if you allready have guns you better be gettin ammo for them..... because of what is going on in the un
  5. rw613


    you just did
  6. rw613


    yes i do i havent seen him i might be wrong but i dont think he was at the tri state show last year the last time i talked to him he said his daughter was doing the registry...
  7. rw613


    yeah ive noticed that it is for 5 or 6 people any more it dam sure use to be good
  8. rw613


    yes if you wanna talk about macks i dont know were you will have to go if you find a place let me know
  9. when you get done there you can come down to virgina im real easy to find right off 81 ive got all kinds of macks you can do that to r model with a 318 4 gmodels 2 f models dm wrecker cruiseliners come on down ill clean out a bay ....... keep up the good work
  10. that is what im doing right now .......thats cool i have got to have that picture of the magnums together
  11. i have his number but can not get any one to ansewer or call back if any one does let me know
  12. we are soory if you are near sighted but if you like detroit the 4200 with the 8v71 was much better
  13. if you dont do the turbo exhaust is allways going to be hot antrim diesel 1717 597 7963 they match turbo and injectors
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