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  1. I am working on a 350 4 valve and i was wondering if anyone knowed the clearance setting on them i know its .16 intake and .24 with a 2 valve with a dynatard but never run the valves on a 4 valve with a jacobs.
  2. although i don't need any of the parts you have .. but all ol mack parts is very valuable and someone somewhere is probally looking for just what you have. please don't scrap it just because its in your way. try to find someone that can respect these parts and make some use out of them. ol mack parts are very very hard to find !!! and when there scraped there gone forever !! Thanks !!
  3. glad to hear that you got most of your shake taken care of. I thought it might be doing the camelback dribbling as i call it. Thats my only downfault to camelbacks is usually empty at a certain road speed they will start dribbling. I usually have to back out of the throttle a bit when mine starts to dribble. I have a east enddump with a propar suspension thats bad for the same thing. Stout suspension but thats the downfault to a singlepoint suspension.
  4. Good ideal mackattack i need a set of them also when you get yours they will go nice on my 74 model but its only a 2 stick 6 speed also so we will have to see if that still counts before we get them LOL !!
  5. Thanks Rob and mackattack.. My 77 and 79 model uses the same kind of cab mounts as your trucks do rob. the round bushing on the pin that would let the cab rock on them if it was air ride , although non of my cabs are air ride. My 74 don't it mounts just like you would mount a transmission bushing. bushing on top and bottom and a bolt through the middle. This setup surely was never made to be an airride. I have only saw one other truck that had bushings like my 74 and it was a late 60's early 70's truck don't know the exact year of it. I always thought it was just a year model thing on which style they had but if you say your 72 don't mount like my 74 then i don't know. I do know this truck did come this way from the factory cause the brackets on the frame has never been changed only the cab. They found a cab to fit the mounts on the frame was all they done.
  6. as far as volvo goes ... i hate volvo's period. there ugly as hell and whimpy as can be. I am very afraid that they will totally ruin the mack trucks completely. Volvo has never done nothing right and never will. AFter volvo took over going to buy parts at a dealer is a pain in the ass in my neck of the woods. You ask for mack parts and they act like they have never heard of them. Volvo will totally ruin the true American mack truck that we once knowed of and enjoyed driving and working on. GRANITEFAN.. as far as the comfort of an R model goes they do have power steering and most was equipped with A/C and its easy to install on the ones that don't have it.. Most old macks do look like they have been through hell and back simply because they have and they will go through it again if they are allowed. The 70's era R models are getting up in there 30's and the age and hard work is showing through if they have not been restored so lets give the old dogs a break. I can't speak much for the B's cause i have not owned or drove one but The comfort of an R is what you make out of it .. You would not want to pick up a load in new york and go to california in a day cab R but they do have there applications. Very comfortable truck if you haul local and have to hit the off roads alot. Although i have worked an R model from kentucky to ohio to indiana and virginia and west virginia and would do it again. About the only comfort issue i do have with an R model is the noise. I gross out at 120,000 and they do get very noisy in the cab on pulls compared to a pete. There simply a work truck not a caddilac
  7. here's my opion on that speed, the jake came out in 61 and the diesels were taking over in that time frame and i don't believe there was ever a jake for a gas engine. They don't have enough compression to make it work. If you put one on a gas engine it really would not hold back enough to help you out. The jake took off after the diesels were taking over the trucking industry. We first had the diesel engine then we had the compression brake for the diesel engine. I had to read it twice to really get what he was trying to say... i believe hes trying to make a statement instead of saying they put a engine brake on a gas job. The jake brake on a diesel made a driver feel a lot more confidence going down that hill loaded instead of in a gas job in low gear with no engine breaking..I believe thats what he was trying to say... someone correct me if i am wrong about all this.
  8. Thanks Rob you really helped me out on that one. for some reason i was thinking they made the flat back cabs until 74. How about the Cab mounts mine has cab bushings on the front made like the round transmission mounts. I was told it was a 80's model cab but maybe it really is a older cab. the mounts on the 74 is different than my 77 and 79 model.
  9. I have a 74 r model with around a 80's cab on it. Cab is getting in rough shape and i was thinking about swapping the cab to an original 74 if i could find one in solid condition. My question is i know the 74 front cab mounts are different than the newer cabs but i always thought until around 74 they also had the flatter backed cabs ? I have been searching the internet here looking at cabs that are suppose to be 74 models but the back panel is made just like the newer cabs. I am now confused because i thought the 74 had the flat back cab.. anyone know ?? and if they don't have the flat back cab as i call it what year did they quit making them ?
  10. yeah its really hard to get all that play out of the old boxes. All you can do is live with it or replace it with new parts or a rebuilt box. I had a driver once on a 74 R 600 that kept complaining of slop in the steering and i told him i would look into it and on the next load i found him on the side of the road with a sledge hammer beating on my steering box. I asked him what in the He!! was he doing and he said he tried to adjust it and then the steering tried to lock up. I said what is all this beating going to help ? Needless to say i sent him thumbing for a ride home. I went and dumped my truck and then hitched a ride to the other truck and took it on in and dumped and she never tried to lock up and the box is still on the truck working fine. I guess that was his way to get me to fire him LOL !
  11. I like anything with a bulldog setting on the hood but if i have to choose it would have to be the R's. I growed up with 3 R-600 74,77,79 models. My grandfather bought these trucks new and passed away shortly before i was born and then they was handed down to my dad , he ran these trucks for many years, i worked on these trucks almost everyday before i was even of age to even think about driving one. We still have all 3 dogs setting in the yard and i doubt they will ever go anywhere as long as were around.The 79 is still used from time to time and the 74 and 77 is yard drivable but needs a lil tinkering before hitting the highway again. My dad currently drives a 92,379 pete and when i have to drive i had much rather take the dog with me. I always felt at home in the R-model but still to this day never did like the feel of the pete. I guess its all that hood LOL. I am currently in the process of buying a R-688 i believe its a 85 or 86 model.. it don't have a engine or tranny or stumps but all else in solid shape. The guy that owns it says 800 bucks will buy it or its going to be scraped so i decided to make room for it. Well worth alot more than hes asking !! Going to be a great project truck!! I would also like to own a B-model someday never been around them much and have little knowledge of them but i do like the Antique look of them.
  12. fjh and mackattack i have done a little digging on the net and what i keep coming up with is the hoods are 1" longer and it was the year of 82 that air to air came out and the inch longer hood makes this possible. Looked at a sight selling hoods and it said the old style short hoods fits up to 81 and the new style longer ones fits 82-89. I am just guessing that the air to air radiator and cooler will bolt right in , and then i will have to find me a 82-89 hood to make this work for me.
  13. hard to say without being right there by the engine but if you say its running fine then i would have no reason to believe it would be a burnt valve. did the tick come on all at once or has it always been in the engine ? Now if it was me i would at least check the valve train out one more good time and recheck the adjustment on the valves. They set on .16 intake and .24 exhaust if u didn't already know and make sure you check the adjustment with the cylinder on tdc. If all that checks out ok and there is still a tick then i would listen very hard and make sure the tick is not coming from the injector pump and not the heads. Reason for saying this is i have a 74 R-600 with a 300 and the pump ticks so loud you would swear it had a valve backed off. Truck has always runned like a new one so i have never had a reason to try and fix the tick in the pump.
  14. the last 350 2 valve mack engine i rebuilt i started it idled it up checked for leaks backed under my east endump trailer and went straight to pick up a load of coal 50 miles away and i runned the truck one gear too high all the way to the pit on the empty side just to put a lil more load on it.. grossed out at 120,000 i am in kentucky by the way so i can do that....runned the dog piss out of the ol dog all day long and the engine to this date does not use a drop of oil between changes.
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