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  1. These guys will talk you through it. They told me how to cure my 04 Vision when I was in your shoes.
  2. I agree with hatcity. That truck is a good set up for what you want to do and should have many many miles left before it goes into your pocketbook.
  3. That's the worst news I've heard lately.
  4. Oh heck yeah with an EGR engine we need a big pick-up so we can get enough parts home at one time to get one more trip out of the Big Mack Attack..
  5. Thaddeus I had a 2005 F350 Powerstroke and traded it back in for a 2006 Megacab Dodge w/Cummins & auto trans due to problems with the Powerstroke and love the Dodge. The Cummins gets much better fuel mileage and so far the only problem I've had with the Dodge was a busted AC condenser. The short bed is no problem for my gooseneck and I pull around 12,000-14,000 payload when I load it.
  6. holy canolie I hope we aren't seeing a repeat of days gone by coming up again. I still have the EGR plate in mine and haven't had a prob with plugged cooler and still no codes. The bearing went out in my fan hub and I've had to replace 1 headlight bulb outside of regular service since these guys talked me through the EGR and turbo problems I was having.
  7. I'm glad to hear good reports like that. MackPro has given me a lot of valuable information that I was unable to purchase from my local Mack shop. When and if I ever do get close to his place I want him to check my ride out for sure especially after hearing him and bigen carry on. The Mack shops in Houston, Beaumont, and Cleveland, Texas will screw you in a heartbeat and they don't have Mack mechanics anyway. They charge you $150 for hooking up the computer plus $100+ per hour to tell you they don't have the slightest clue WTF is wrong with your truck. MackPro and some others like fjh and rhasler have helped me more with my truck right here from this forum than all the dealers around home combined.
  8. I've been side swiped twice by drivers on the phone while driving so my pet peeve is drivers who screw up traffic while they blabber on a phone. If I had drivers I would find a phone jammer for the truck so their phone only worked when the parking brake is applied. My other pet peeve is APU units with the exhaust pointed directly out the right side so I get my neighbor's stinking APU exhaust and noise. BTW--Irish Spring is good but it makes me burp alot.
  9. I'll second that motion. BAN him
  10. Thanks for posting that Tom I like hearing it. I've driven most any make and power train but my fondest memories and most enjoyable trucking of my life was with my 1956 B model.
  11. I know a die hard who learned that the hard way........
  12. your air pressure could be causing this.. On all our trucks the fan is engaged when engine is cranked and stays engaged until the air pressure raises to around 60-70 pounds.
  13. Hey thanks Ernie. I'll be running Kearny and Eidison but I don't know when. If I can be of service let me know but I doubt you run Houston much. Once again my thanks.. Jerry

  14. That even looks expensive so I'd be afraid to ask the rates. Last time I went over my insurance policy my agent ask if I was interested in wrecker coverage. I never heard of it before and I thought he was kidding but I don't think he was kidding now.
  15. yep I noticed that too. The nearest wrecker company to me has a couple of 1990 Petes with mechanical Cat engines and a couple of older IHC with mechanical Big Cam Cummins engines.
  16. Hello Mark life is good. I lucked up on a short haul last week that pays better than over the road so I'm gonna shuffle chemicals a whole 83 miles one way now so I might get to be around here a little more often. A couple of months back I leased to a company from Kearney, NJ and they've got some good rates. I know somebody is going to cut us before long but I'll be smiling until then. I saw where you blind sided around the dumpster and had a good laugh about that. Sometimes we have to laugh at what the customer expects from us or else we'll have to cry about it. I hope you're drawing all aces--Jerry
  17. wreckers around here are legalized rape nowadays. Most get $350 for hook-up plus minimum $5 per mile on long pulls. On short pulls they get anywhere from $125 to $300 per hour plus the $350 hook-up, if they pull the trailer with you it goes up from that. a few months back I paid $750 for a 275 mile tow and thought he cut me a deal. He didn't wrecker it-- he brought a double drop and hauled me in.
  18. thats kool but we better up your fuel button and put in a few rpm shims if you expect overnight service
  19. don't feel bad. Last week my buddy stopped in Shreveport and filled up with fuel then got over to the 140 mile marker about 135 miles and it went dead and wouldn't start back. He called and had it wrecker back to Fruitliner Shreveport. After running up a $1000+ wrecker bill and $600+ shop bill they found somebody had stole his fuel while he was eating supper. He's an old hand out here and should have known to check the fuel flow but he screwed up this time.
  20. yeah that's the one rhasler was talking about going from the oil cooler to the waterpump it might only need the clamps tightened.
  21. JerryB

    Driver Ed.

    good god Mark have some mercy on us. I went cross eyed and couldn't see anything for at least 5 minutes after I saw your picture post
  22. I have this problem every year when the weather starts cooling down. My most recent aggravating cold leak was the one rhasler has described on the water pump inlet pipe. I've noticed if I use only silicone hose and put a little grease on the nipple so the hose slides on and seats easier I don't have so many problems.
  23. sounds like you have more than a full dance card but we know it takes hard work to get ahead so I'm pulling for you and hope the best. Good luck and give us an update when you can-Jerry
  24. looks good and welcome aboard. Jerry
  25. AC--The tech lied to you because Speedco is supposed to change ALL filters. Maybe if you ask a shop manager to stock the filters they would accommodate you that's what I did and Speedco and Truck King--Houston both started stocking them. I keep a new centrifugal in my toolbox just in case. When I'm in a bind and need a service job sometimes I use Petro or TA truckstops. If they don't have my filters in stock they go to the parts store and don't charge me a service call for going to get them.
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