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  1. He's thinking about fixing it up and dropping a one ton bed on it.
  2. Just picked up this B30 for a friend. Its a 1954 B30 with a straight 6 Gas engine. It was fun cuising over to Pa to get it. My B came from Pittsburgh not to far from where we picked his up. Tom
  3. I agree with the possible leak in the fuel line somewere. My B can sit all winter and start with no problems. I've used a shop rag and a blow gun and put a few pounds of air in the fuel tanks to force fuel out the lines to find leaks before. Just don't put over 5 pounds in the. Tank or it could rupture. Tom
  4. I'm in need of a new tach cable for my B67. My cable broke last year and I'd like to replace it. Thanks Tom
  5. Loaded up a friends 1906 Nichols and Shepard steam traction engine after he was kind enough to run it at my open house I had for my son's cub scout pack. Here is a video of it going down the road. here is a quick video of the open house also you can check out more of my videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/steamer123?feature=mhee
  6. Name: Mack B67T (1959) Date Added: 09 February 2009 - 12:40 PM Owner: b67tom Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  7. Larry I had a good time at the show too. I think your truck and trailer would have made a nice addition to the show. Maybe next year you'll bring it out. On the way home I headed down 480, sounds like that was a good choice. The road was wide open.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I was just enjoying the ride home from the show and even got a few thumbs up from the passing cars . Thanks again Tom
  9. I was headed home from the Piston Power Show at the IX Center in Cleveland Ohio and thought I'd take a short video of my 1959 B-67 cruising down the highway. Enjoy Tom
  10. Larry you sure got that truck looking good!!! Tom
  11. Had mine out this weekend. It needs cleaned up after sitting all winter but here is a video of it.
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