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  1. Have you used one before. My flow sender just went out the temp one still is good and they want $1300 for a new one at mack.
  2. Thanks thats what I thought. looking at the ecu log it looks like no events were saved to the ecu but the vecu had some programming in 2013 but who knows where that was.
  3. thanks I believe i read your post so I went out and checked my pressure was like 220lbs I have even put a new switch on it.
  4. has anyone used the resistor that the post says and has it worked?
  5. I have an 04 mack with the aset 460 engine and the behr fan clutch. The fan is brand new It turns off anytime the engine speeds over 1800 which i believe is what its supposed to do. It stays engaged most of the time only pulsing slow and fast and sometimes it will go off for a few seconds then come right back on kinda pulsing. I hooked up the truck to the computer and in vcads the 3 intake sensors were reading +/- 5 degrees of each other at around 110 degrees fan was still on. I could not turn the ac off in the perimeters because i havent a clue on what the password is it asks for. The high pressure switch is new as well and is closed even checked the pressure in the ac system its normal as well. The wires you couldnt read the numbers if you wanted to I dont know who was the brains who thought to put all their wiring the same exact color. Does anyone have the diagram showing where the wires going from the ac switch and fan ar located in the plug on the ecu or any ideas on what else i can do to figure this out. Oh the pulsing makes sense as when you check the soelinoid ground wire it pulses as well. One more thing can anyone help with the password? Thanks
  6. my 04 will do that when the fuel filters start to get stopped up. We also had problems with the turbo actuator not working right is it throwing any codes? How high is your exhaust temp. Also can check for leaks in your intake boots.
  7. I dont know if the rear is the same as the front but the front i replaced with the new type seal on an e7 and mack has you install it a little bit farther in to ride on a new surface on your crank and the little plastic ring is only to be remove from seal when your putting it in its to keep the seal from deforming. There might be a bulletin on the rear main seal I dont know there was for the front.
  8. Yeah it was a full remark engine long block
  9. I have had an intake valve problem when the cam was going out in the previous engine and kept breaking that post that holds the rocker and it always thumped back through the breather bUT I'm like you guys I think it's got to be valve train related. Maybe it's time mack look at their motor it shouldn't be doing this with so few miles.
  10. terminals clean and actually ran a ground in addition to the one thats factory still getting hot on high the fan is new switch is new the only thing in this ac system that hasnt been changed is the thermostat and the resistor. Im at a loss on what to do next.
  11. yes it has a jake it almost sounds as if its not turning off but coming out of the woods in a hard pull your not using it when it does it.
  12. It sounds like an exhaust valve is sticking it doesnt smoke just a thump thump thump sound out the exhaust along with a miss only happens after stopping from a hard pull it will still miss if you keep on going but stop it and let it go to idle then you hear the thump thump
  13. Anyone?
  14. I have an 04 mack ch model and the wiring to the heater fan switch gets hot and burns the switch out in a short period of time it only really gets real hot when you run it on high and the next notch lower it just gets a little warm. Has anyone got a fix for this. Thanks Dave