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  1. No, it won't damage anything at all. It's just annoying.
  2. Yup sure sounds like resonant ride. Unfortunately I'm not sure there's much you can do to fix it. We've sent pumps out before, some were better, most weren't. I'll do some digging about that contraption Mack came out with. Maybe someone else here knows of a fix?
  3. Yes, resonant ride in the pump feels kinda like the fuel rack in the pump is bouncing back and forth, usually right around that rpm. I remember it being a big pain in the ass in the early/mid 90s at the dealership I worked at. Sent out many pumps for this problem, but rarely was it ever fixed. I remember Mack coming out with some kind of contraption that mounted to the front of the pump to fix it, but man its been a long time! Does yours almost feel like you are bouncing the throttle real fast at that rpm? And usually if the engine had a strain on it, you wouldn't feel it. Only happens when there is steady rpm with little to no strain on the engine.
  4. 1200 rpm? Sounds like it could be a resonant ride issue with the pump?
  5. Hi all. I've got a ch dump I'm working on that has a coughing/stumble mainly noticeable at idle. I have a 33 fault code. My vmac 1 book shows the 33 as injection pump speed sensor. My vmac 2 book doesn't show a 33 at all. Now it's been awhile for me since I don't see many of these older trucks anymore. The module in the cab is a vmac 2 module, but the customer has put a different engine in the truck, that's when this issue started. Is it possible that I have the wrong injection pump because of the wrong engine? Would everything plug in the same on 1 vs 2. Like I said, I'm big time out of practice on the older vmacs.
  6. Not to derail this thread, but would a guy gain anything by just changing the manifold only?
  7. We have a lot of old stock, I'll check in the morning, maybe you'll get lucky and we have some.
  8. Really? I would have never guessed it. Other than going off of your user name! 😜 lol
  9. Yup, Volvo sure has trashed Mack in my opinion. I mean, what's really left that is actually Mack? Transmission I guess, some suspension? They have even managed to screw up the diffs. Sad.
  10. Glad it was only the injectors! A couple months ago I did a cam on an mp8 with only 200k.
  11. Oh ya, for sure. We do a lot of work for a nationwide garbage company. When we have issues, they make one call to Mack corporate and things happen. I feel bad for the small guys.
  12. Wow. Just catching up on this thread, what a mess! When they replaced the engine, I assume it was just a basic that required all of your external components to be swapped to the new (reman I'm sure) engine? So you've still got the same egr cooler/turbo and all that? Theres a guy around here that back in the 90s had several trucks, they had braking issues. At the time I worked at the dealership and this guy fought this problem for probably a year as we threw every valve, shoe, drums, whatever Mack told us to throw at it we did. Never did fix the problem and Mack refused to give the guy new trucks. These were cl's. He ended up suing Mack over it, I don't think he got squat. The 2 trucks he was having the problem with he parked in a barn while the lawsuit was ongoing, several years. He never bought another Mack. And this is when they were solid trucks, not Volvos with a dog on the hood. Good luck to you man!
  13. Maybe a stupid question, but is your plastic idler pulley still there? I've seen them go bad and break off the engine completely.
  14. Did the new cups fix the problem?
  15. And don't get lazy when tapping the copper sleeve and not go all the way thru. Ask me how I know. Had to pull the head for that mistake.
  16. Do you have the part number for the install tool for conicals? I never knew they had one other than the pull thru. Is the push thru easier to use?
  17. I agree. Run it. As far as testing the eup, sometimes you can lay a couple fingers in the injection line and feel the pulse, some may feel stronger/weaker. If you have one that feels noticeably weaker, that could be your problem, but if you're not sure then I would live with it myself.
  18. Ok fixed it. I am no longer a fan of working on an engine that has had the aftertreatment deleted. I had no check engine light, I was checking for codes in guided diagnostics add I always do. Well since this is us10 emissions, I took a quick look at the faults in the test section and was showing an active fault for coolant level. I fiddled with the sensor connection and now that's all good. I don't know anything about the software they program these things with when they delete them, but apparently it's whacky. Ok next problem (which ain't gonna be my problem) there isn't anywhere in ptt to program the injector trim codes as I always do. The truck runs fine, but has a little haze to the exhaust. Like I said, it's not my problem. If he wants the codes put in I guess he will have to take it to whoever deleted it. Anyway thanks for the help guys.
  19. I'll check that in the morning, but it doesn't sound like the brake is kicking in at all. I can even hold it wide open throttle, same 45 seconds, no crackle, pop, stumble, just shuts off.
  20. Instant shut off just like you turned the key off, but dash still lit. No stumble or anything.
  21. Could be a crappy eup as well.
  22. Filter should be right next to the evap, behind the center panel. Is your ac compressor cycling? If not could be a bad thermostat. Also make sure it has the correct charge amount.
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