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    Triyng to head way ahead whith my r 685 i truck
    In the dump busines.

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  1. Nice dog really a working hard machine.asking 9,000 a\c new turbo. New intercooler,radiator,90% tires.15 mtrs dump.juan cpagan 17875177309.7 day available.
  2. R 685 1972 roadranger 8ll in it plus other new stuff runs great.
  3. This is here in puerto rico nice r model ive just start in business
  4. by this time, the pup is like misbehavin got me rebuilding the air compressor and few hoses

  5. Name: tamden dump truck Date Added: Owner: jc trucking jc trucking
  6. I want to get some advice no problem here whith my machine is just to tell it nice jod i cant wait to do the paint
  7. For me is a real machine i drive my 1972 rd a is pure power pup just put a 350. 4V in it without the jake brake. Roar like the truck is new. Is my satisfacion to work in it here in pr. RD rules in pr.
  8. Finaly it was awsome just went To mccungie i feel great.this visit To the mack truck customer center.cant wait To be back again.i wil de there in june for the show.thanks To the mack ambasador they are very nice people.see you theare in june 7 2014
  9. Hello and happy holidays I'M INTRESTED IN A REGISTRY FOR MY R 685 SX. I'M PROUD OF MINE
  10. Happy holidays. Im juan carlos from puerto rico. Is intresting To me because i have an r 685 sx 1978 i've been busy putting all togeder in mine. Now is running great. Iwant To make sure im doing things right. About rear tamdems can you tell me the lubricant recomend. I wil post my pics
  11. I was looking around and is intresting info. I have an R685 sx 1974 have some modification in it with an intercooler runs better every day
  12. Is good To see youre pride is our machine.im new mack owner and. Im very intrested in r685. Mine is r685sx1975 and have a e-7 1985 it have an intercooler.i. do radiator reeplace new turbo.new oil motor and trans this is trxf1470 8 lo.want To mention tires To. Is running very good
  13. Name: mack rs685sx (1974) Date Added: 04 December 2013 - 11:11 PM Owner: jc trucking Short Description: Dump truck it seem To bien the one that have the all metal front and was change for the fiberglass hood not fited right something is mising View Vehicle
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