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  1. I am looking at a 1986 R model that is for sale along way from home and I am looking for some engine serial number help. The truck has an engine in it with the serial number 5P1162 and it has a spare engine that has the serial number 6W1312 and I am wondering if anyone can tell from the serial number what the engines are and if they are the same?
  2. I am looking at a cabover with a 237 and a 2 stick 15 speed (one stick is Lo split, Hi split, Direct and 5 speed with reverse on the other stick) is this a good setup for pulling mobile homes or would it be under powered?
  3. It has Lo-split, Hi-split and direct on one stick and 5 speed on the other. decal calls it a 15 speed Triplex
  4. Great Info. any chance you have the F model?
  5. Hello, I am looking at a 1978 Cabover with a 237 and 2 stick 15 speed and I am wondering what the opinion is on this setup for pulling mobile homes? Anyone on here with some mobile home hauling experience?
  6. Thanks Maddog and Superdog. Is there a list anywhere of the different models of trucks and engines and their designation codes?
  7. Hello, I am trying to find some information on a 1980 R612 ST with a E6-315 engine. What do the letter designations mean?
  8. Hello; I am trying to find out about the designations that Mack has used in the past. I am looking at a truck, that the owner has identified as a 1980 R612-ST with a E6-315 engine and I am trying to find out what the letter abreviations mean? Thanks in advance
  9. Congrats, you now have the disease. 2nd truck I owned was a 1978 General with a 6V92 - 13 speed great gravel truck...rubber block suspension was great for back road hauling, not so great on the back.
  10. Hello; I am looking at an ad for a 1990 CH613 Custom Highway Tractor. It has 1,203600 km /747,882 miles a 400hp and a 13 speed. The picture of the engine looks like a mechanical engine. What I am wondering is are there any issues I need to watch for?(engine, electrical, suspension, etc.) I am short haul, I'm old school and dont run computer controled engines if I can help it. Thanks
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