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  1. Of course, Mack was no more a stranger to tracked vehicles than it was to rolling stock. Note the Mack AC cab, hood and radiator on the 4-ton Mack "Roadless" truck. .
  2. Exactly. Look at the innovation in that drive system. Can today's engineers do that? So many of today's designs are not all-new, but rather refinements based on the foundation of all-new innovations from previous eras.
  3. When doing business with the U.S. military in the 50s and 60s, that was the way. And in all fairness, the products that emerged under that system were usually impressive. With today's available research technologies, the design process is now different.
  4. Mack FCD rail buses (light rail cars) still in service decades later with Sperry Rail Service. .
  5. Mack promotional photographs of the first and second generation Mack FCD rail buses (light rail cars).
  6. Taheri Adel Sanginbar Co. - Shiraz, Teheri, Iran The fleet includes an all-wheel drive RD-800 with E9-440 V-8 power, and a DM-897SX (V-8 power) with planetary hub reduction drive axles. .
  7. Unitrans - Iran Deana S.A. Note the mighty F-900 prime mover with Mack Planidrive planetary hub reduction axles. .
  8. Sati International Transport & Travel Company - Tehran, Iran
  9. Ex-military RD-800 with high-mount cab and downward slanting hood (like a V8-equipped Aussie Value-Liner and Aussie A8-R897RSX). Note the mounting configuration of the truck's chassis mounted charge-air cooling (CMCAC, i.e. intercooler), the piping protruding thru the hood panels.
  10. Javanmardi Transport Company - Southern Iran Tehrani Heavy Internal Transport - Tegran, Iran Note the downward sloping hood configuration, the same as the V8-equipped Aussie Value-Liner and Aussie A8-R897RSX off-highway mining chassis (http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/index.php?/topic/8229-big-aussie-mack/).
  11. Sangin Tarabar Road Transport Co. Ltd. - Iran Date of manufacturer: 1992 Engine: Mack E-9 500 Cab: MH Ultra-Liner COE
  12. A real Mack truck with a satisfied owner - Tehran, Iran. I have never before seen a B-80 series with an "L" cab. But there's no doubt this is a factory-built unit.
  13. The Mack TrucksT1 experimental gun motor carriage (Note the Mack Trucks vehicle identification plate on the right side of the steering column in the second photograph)
  14. Mack Trucks' model 6-CQ-4S hybrid transit bus prototype operated by Public Service Coordinated Transport of New Jersey as unit #3100.
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